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3p - 16 < 20

Add 16 to each side:

3p < 36

Divide each side by 3:

p < 12

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Q: Solve this equation 3p - 16 is less than 20?
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Solve this inequality 3p - 16 is less than 20?

p is less than 12.

How do you solve X squared is less then 16?

If X squared is less than 16, then the absolute value of X is less than the square root of 16. X will be greater than -4 and less than +4.

How would you explain the equation 7x-12 is less than 4x plus 36?

The equation 7x-12 is less than 4x plus 36 means just what it says7x - 12 less than 4x + 36To solve this, treat it like ordinary algebra and solve for x, replacing the equals sign with the less than sign. Remember that if you multiply or divide by a negative number, then the less than sign flips over and becomes the greater than sign.7x - 12 less than 4x + 367x less than 4x + 487x - 4x less than 483x less than 48x less than 16

Solve the inequality -2s plus 8 is less than 16?


How do you solve 16 less than x squared?

You don't. There's no question there, and nothing that needs solving. "16 less than x squared" is written as (x2 - 16)

You are thinking of a number and 5 less than 3 times the number is 16 how do you write an equation to solve this problem?

if n is your number, then 3n - 5 = 16, ie 3n = 21 ie n = 7.

How do you solve inequality 8x 16?

To solve the inequality of 8x = 16 use simple algebra to isolate x. Divide both sides of the equation by 8. You will then be left with the equation x = 2, which is our answer.

Solve the equation h-9 equals 7?

h = 16 16-9 = 7

Solve the equation 12x-8y-16?

To start with, it is not an equation - there is no equality sign. You need 2 independent equations to solve when you have two unknowns, x and y.

Is -16 greater than or less than 13?

-16 is less than 13

What is the equation to solve how many cups are in a gallon?

16 cups is one gallon

How do you do math substitution?

Mathematical substitution is the process of using one equation to solve for multiple variables. For example: Equation 1: x + y = 4 Equation 2: 2x + y = 16 Using equation 1, solve for y: y = 4 - x &lt;-- Plug this into equation 2. This is substitution because you are replacing y in equation 2 with what y is equal to in equation 1. 2x + y = 16 ----&gt; 2x + (4 - x) = 16 Now you can solve for x: x + 4 = 16; x = 12 You can then substitute the value of x back into the equation that is solved for y: y = 4 - 12; y = -8 Check both equations: Equation 1: -8 + 12 = 4; 4 = 4 (Correct) Equation 2: 2(12) + (-8) = 16; 24 - 8 = 16; 16 = 16 (Correct) We have successfully used substitution to solve for two different variables, x and y.

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