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correct anser is C ; y=-45

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Solve the equation y9 50 what is y?

y = 5.55555555...

What is the x-intercept of the graph of the equation x y9?

the answer is 1 because the x it's by itself

What is the gcf of y4 y8 y9?

The GCF is y4

What is y 3x-y9?

Without any equality sign they appear to be terms of an algebraic expression.

What is the LCM of 12 y9 x9 4x6 x5?

LCM(12, y9, x9, 4x6, x5) = 12y9x9

What contributes of TLE?

rghouiosrfgha;xwrifhawruiogavn owuitymrnio hyelnawe y9

What is the gcf of y6 y2 y9?

The GCF is y2.

What is the 9th number in this pattern 6 10 15 21 28?

yn = 1/2n2 + 2 1/2n + 3 y9 = 1/2(9)2 + 2 1/2(9) + 3 y9 = 40 1/2 + 22 1/2 + 3 y9 = 66

How do you convert m-2 x-3 y9 to Ax Byc form?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "times", "equals".

What is the greatest common factor of y7 y5 y9?

The GCF is y5.

Where to find a y9 atendee badge on neopets?

Go to the shop wizard and search it up.

Why were the middle colonies called the middle colonies?

Because it was in the middle of all the other colonies.

What is the square root of 40 x12 y9?

√(40 x12y9) = 6.3246√(y)* x6 *y4 or 6.3246x6y4.5 ■

What are 3 facts about Mars? could be our next and weirdest plant2.pice of mars hit earth to form our moon3.redish planet.this was made by Nathan Dickinson y9 from shotton hall school 2011 and James smart y9 shotton hall school 2011 and James Morris y9 shotton hall school 2011 and Robert forthsyth shotton hall school 2011.we all rock we are the best in the west yo if you want to email me thet is that is to talk to nathan dickinson y9 shotton hall school.its called the red planet there was water found on the planet its 6.421923 kg

In chemistry what does strong mean?

#sity n#t#y9 n~9y\Q$b wIRt8wo'nerb8t IE

What is the slope of y9-2.5x?

If you mean: y = 9-2.5x then the slope is -2.5 and the y intercept is 9

What is the gcf of y9y4y8?

You need at least two terms to find a GCF. If that's y9, y4 and y8, the GCF is y4

What is the slope of the line y9?

The slope of y = 9 is infinite (undefined), since the y-value increases infinitely with no change of x.

Which Neopets items are wearable for kougra?

I have tried these items and know they work. -Giant Moacha Costume -Winter Shenkuu River Rush Board -Usukicon Y9 Attendee Badge

What is y to the 5th power times y to the 3rd power times y?

y5 * y3 * y = y5 * y3 * y1 = y5+3+1 = y9

Why do you control some variables in an experiment?

so you can try to see exactly which factors are affecting the dependent variable (the thing you're measuring) "it gives you something to compare your results to" is the basic Y9-GCSE answer =]

Who is the smartest Y9 in Mission Heights Junior College?

tbh there is no smartest year 9 @ MHJC, some have the ability to prove it and some don't. so its better is people stop judging one another.

If three variables were changed at one time what would happen to the accuracy of the conclusions made for an experiment?

Your conclusions won't be accurate because you wont know which change made the different result. Patrick Kuwong Y9 DISAS

What is x y3 and y9 as an ordered pair?

The answer depends on the values of x and y. The answer depends on the values of x and y. The answer depends on the values of x and y. The answer depends on the values of x and y.

What is another bad word that starts with c?

Crap is a bad word. It is used to express displeasure.

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