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2191.21 meters per second.

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Q: Sound travels at a speed of 7189 feet per second how many meters per second does sound travel in this medium?
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Distance in meters that light travels in one second?

In a vacuum, light will travel 299,792,458 meters in one second.

Do sound waves travel even faster through liquids and solids?

Yes. The denser the medium, the faster it travels. So, it travels fastest in solids, and slowest in gases. It can range from only about 340 meters per second in air, to over 2000 meters per second in steel.

When does sound travel on the speed with light?

Sound travels, in air, at about 320 meters per second. Light travels about 300 000 000 meters per second

How does light travel and how fast does it travel?

In a straight line and at 186,000 miles per second (in a vacuum).

How much time would it take for the sound of thunder to travel 2000 meters if sound travels a the speed of 330 meters per second?


What does light travel fastest?

Light travels at 299792458 meters per second in a vacuum.

What does light travel fastest in?

Light travels at 299792458 meters per second in a vacuum.

How long would it take for light to travel per second?

Light travels for precisely one second each second.During that time, it travels a distance of about 300 million meters, or 186 thousand miles, if it's travelingin vacuum, a bit less if it has to plow its way through any material medium.

In what medium the speed of light will be minimum?

The speed of light is a set speed at which all electromagnetic waves travel at in a vacuum. It is 3*10^8 meters/second... That being said, when light, or any other EM wave, travels through a medium it will slow down. Every material has an index of refraction which is the ratio of the speed at which light travels in a vacuum, to the the speed it travels in that material. If you know the index of refraction, you can use Snell's law to determine the speed light will travel through a specific medium. Every medium is different, however a rule of thumb is the denser the medium, the slower light will travel through it. For example, light travels faster in the atmoshpere than it does in water.

How much time would it take the sound of thunder to travel 1500 meters if sound travels at a speed of 330 meters per second?

1500 meters/330 meters per second = 4.55 seconds

How quick does sound travel on water?

Sound travels at the speed of 1,481.99 meters per second in fresh water.

How fast does a sound travel through a medium?

That depends on the density and other physical characteristics of the medium. In air at sea level, it's about 340 meters per second. In steel and rock, it can be in the neighborhood of 6,000 meters per second.