Square footage of a box of 25 tiles that are 8x8?

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You multiply 8 times 8 time 25 and divide by 144. The answer is 11.111....square feet.

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Q: Square footage of a box of 25 tiles that are 8x8?
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How many carpet tiles would you need for a 14x14 room?

If the carpet tiles you are using are the standard 12" square, then multiple your length and width to get the square footage. In this case your room would need a minimum of 196 tiles. CHeck the box for pattern repeat and remember to add tiles for damage and waste.

Box holds 11 square feet and it takes 4 tiles to make a square foot how many tiles are in a box?

4*11=44 44 tiles

How do you figure the square footage of a box of 10 12X12 ceramic tiles?

If your tiles are 12 by 12 that means they are 1 foot by 1 foot. Say you take 10 and put them in a row that means you will have 10 square feet Area=Length x width (1X10).

How to figure the square footage of a box of 8 ceramic tiles that are 18 in by 18 in?

AnswerCalculate the square inches of a single piece of tile: 18 x 18 = 324 sq in. Convert this to square feet: (you divide by 144, since there are 12 inches in a foot, and you are measuring both height and length in square footage (12 x 12 = 144)324 / 144 = 2.25 sq ft.Multiply this number by the number of tiles you have: 2.25 x 8 = 18 sq feet.

What is formula for caluclating the cost per square foot?

You will need to know the square footage in the box and divide it by the cost of the box.

How are hardwood flooring measured?

The box that I bought recently notates the square footage that the contents of the box will cover.

What is the square footage of a 30 ft long 8 ft wide box?

240 square feet

How many boxes of tile do you need for 575 square feet if tile is 10.76 a box?

The number of boxes required is575/number of square feet covered by the tiles in one box .

How many box will you need if theres 256 tiles and 10 tiles are in one box?

If 10 tiles are already in one box, then there are 246 tiles remaining.If the 10 tiles fill the first box, then in order to box up all of the remaining tiles,you need 25 more boxes of the same size. (24 of them will be full. One won't.)

How many square incheS does one box of tiles cover?

The area may be calculated using this formula: A = (length of each tile in inches) x (width of each tile in inches) x (number of tiles in one box)

How many regular M and M's would fit in a 8x8 box?

None, since the box has no depth!

How many boxes of 12x12 tiles in a 117foot room?

Your answer depends on how many tiles come in each box. All brands of tile are different - your boxes may contain 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, or 18 tiles in each box. Do you mean to say your room is 117 SQUARE feet? If each tile measures 12" x 12" (or one foot by one foot), then each tile is one square foot. With this size of tile, the math is easy. You'd need 117 tiles. Check the labeling on your boxes, and do the math: 117 square feet divided by the number of tiles in each box. The result is the number of boxes you'll need.

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