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Do the multiplication, then take the square root. After the multiplication, you get 28x4y2. The square root of 28 is 2 times the root of 7, the square root of x4 is x2, and the root of y2 is y. So, the final result is 2 Times Square root of 7, times x2y.

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Q: Square root of 2xy times 14x3y?
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What is the square root of 18xy in radical form?

√18xy = √(9*2xy) = √9*√2xy = 3*√(2xy)

What is 2xy times x?


Factor x square-2xy-24y square?

(x + 4y)(x - 6y)

Prove '2xy is less than equal to x square plus y square'?

(x-y)2 is a square so (x-y)2 >= 0 expanding, x2 - 2xy + y2 >= 0 so x2 + y2 >= 2xy or 2xy <= x2 + y2

How do you write four times the product of x and y decreased by 2xy?

4xy - 2xy

What is x times 2y?


What is 2 times the sum of x and y?


Is 2xy the same as 2x2y?

yes * * * * * No, it isn't. 2xy = 2 times x times y. Depending on which you mean: 2x2y = 2 times x times 2 times y = 4xy; OR 2x2y = 2 times x times x times y.

Prove '2xy is less than equal to x2 plus y2'?

(x - y)2 >= 0 since the left hand side is a square. ie x2 - 2xy + y2 >= 0 so x2 + y2 >= 2xy

What is the square root of seventy two x to the 2nd y to the 3rd?

Can't be solved without knowing what x and y are. You can factor out 6y though. The expression then becomes: 6y * squareroot(2xy)

What is the formula of square of binomial?

(x + y)2 = x2 + 2xy + y2

How do you convert algebraic expression into qbasic expression?

how can we convert algebraic expression into QBASIC a square + b square i = pTR/100 2xy mx+c a=r square a+b

What is the greatest common factor of 2xy and 2x2y?

Since 2xy is a factor of 2x2y, it is automatically the GCF.

What is 2xy plus 6xy?

2xy + 6xy = 8xy

When x-y equals 7 and xy equals 8 find the value of x square plus y square?

x2 + y2 = x2 - 2xy + y2 + 2xy = (x - y)2 + 2xy = 72 + 2*8 = 49 + 16 = 65 You could, instead, solve the two equations for x and y and substitute, but the above method is simpler.

Would five times x times two times y divided by five cancel the fives?

it would equal 2xy

Simplify 15xy-2xy-7x plus x equals?


What is 2xSquared-2xy?


What is the step of square of trinomial?

(x + y + z)2 = x2 + y2 + z2 + 2xy + 2yz + 2zx

What is 2xy divided by 6xy to the second power reduced?


The difference between 2x2 plus 4xy-3 and x2-2xy-4 is?

the difference between 2x2 +4xy-3 and x2-2xy-4 is?

How do you factor 8x2-2xy-3y2?

8x2= 16 16-2xy=14xy 14xy-3y(2)= 11x 11xX2= 22x Answer - 22x............... Happy Birthday ! (;

What are the like terms of 3xy 5-2xy 10?

3xy and 2xy. You can see that 3xy and 2xy have something in common with each other. They both have xy and the end of them. Hope this helped.

What is 5xy - x2t plus 2xy plus 3x2t?

What is : 5xy- x2t + 2xy + 3x2t

What is the terms of-3xy2 plus 2xy-4y3?

The three terms are: -3xy2, 2xy and -4y3