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Tangent to the curve.

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Q: Straight lines that touch but don't intersect a curve?
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What are perallel lines?

Two straight lines that don't touch or intersect no matter how far they are extended

What is a parallel?

An example of a famous parallelism is "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

Which phrase describes perpendicular lines the lines never touch or the lines intersect at a right angle or the lines intersect at an acute angle or the lines intersect at a obtuse angle?

Lines that intersect at right angles.

What is the definition for parallel lines?

two lines that never intersect or touch.

Can parallel lines touch in the beginning?

No. By definition, lines that are parallel never intersect.

What is the definition for parallelism?

two lines that never intersect or touch.

Do two lines in the same plane always intersect in 1 point?

Not necessarily, as two lines can exist in one plane, but they don't always touch each other. An example would be parallel lines, where the lines are parallel to each other. Lines are also not necessarily straight all the time as it can be curvy too, wherein that a straight line or another curvy line that "does" touch the first curvy line could possibly intersect at more than one point.

Do lines have to touch to intersect or can they just be held above one another?

They can touch but they can also be in a form that shows that if the line continues it will intersect. Hope this helps you:)

How can contour lines intersect?

Contours can intersect if you have an overhang. If there is a vertical drop, the contours will touch but not cross one another.

What is the number of points at which two parallel lines intersect?

Parallel lines NEVER touch, so zero.

What is a two word answer for lines that do not touch or intersect?

it is go ask yahoo answers

Are parallel lines diagonal?

They can be as long as the don't intersect or touch at any point.