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When you add, your answer is the sum.

When you subtract, your answer is the difference.

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Q: Sum is to add as what is to subtract?
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When you add and subtract numbers What is the name of the answer?

I believe it is called the answer. Or sum When you add it is called the sum. When you subtract it is called the difference

How do you predict your height?

If your a girl add your father's height to yours and subtract five from your sum. If your a boy add your mother's height to yours and subtract five from your sum.

When you add two numbers you get a sum When you subtract two numbers what do you get?

When you subtract one number from another you get the difference.You just said it; sum.

What is the answer to a multiplication sum?

add=sum subtract=differencemultiply=productdivide=quotient

When you add numbers the answer is the sum What is the answer called when you subtract numbers?

the difference

How are sum and difference related?

The term SUM means add and DIFFERRENCE means subtract. They are opposites.

What are the Rules for subtracting radicals?

similar-a similar radicand is to add or subtract similar radicals we simply add and subtract there coefficients and Anex to the sum of their common radical part.

If the sum of 7 and 9 is more than 12 add 12 add 3 if less subtract 2?


Is the sum in adding or subtracting?

when you add numbers, you get a sum. when you subtract numbers, you get a difference. (also in multiplication it's product, and in division is quotient.)

What is the remainder if the sum of 3896 and 2789 is subtracted from 9370?

If you add 3896 and 2789 together and subtract that sum from 9370, you have 2685.

How do we get the estimated sum and difference of decimal number?

(A) Add them together.(B) Subtract the smaller from the larger.

What is the sum of -5 plus 11?

The sum of -5 plus 11 is 6. When a negative is added to the positive you subtract instead of add to get your answer.

Does decrease mean to add or subtract?


How do you turn 8888 to 89 using math?

-- Subtract 8,799 from it, or -- Divide it by 100 and then add 0.12 to the quotient, or -- Add 12 to it and then multiply the sum by 0.01, or -- Add -8,887.98 to it and then multiply the sum by 4,450 . And there are several more ways to do it.

How can we determine what to do add subtract multiply or divide on word problem questions on whole numbers?

Word problems have key words, like sum, add, difference, subtract, product, multiply, quotient, divide.

How do you find the value of x when you have three other numbers?

add the three numbers the subtract 180 from your sum

How do you subtract standard deviations?

Square the standard deviations, subtract/add them and calculate the square root of the subtraction/sum. StDV=sqrt (StDvA^2+StDvB^2)

Does how many more mean add or subtract?

it means to subtract

Definition of Sum or difference of two cubes?

That means that you calculate the cubes of two numbers, and then either add or subtract them.

Witch sum of 2 numbers is 18 and their difference is 4?

11 and 7 Add them and you get 18, subtract them and you get 4.

What happens when you add and subtract energy?

How do you add or subtract energy?

How do you add and subtract like denominator?

You add or subtract only the numerators

Does how many mean add or subtract?

does how many mean add or subtract

What do you have to add to subtract a rational number?

You have to add the additive inverse. To subtract q, you add -q.

Can you add or subtract under the radical?

Yes, you can add or subtract under the radical.

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When you add and subtract numbers What is the name of the answer?

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