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Q: Swim team races in a pool 25 yards long how many laps must a person swim to finish a 400 yard?
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Who calls swim races?

The person is called a Marshal.

How many laps do you swim in a 300 yard race?

To swim 300 yards it would be 12 lengths of the pool. Although there are no 300 yard races in competition swimming. It goes from 200 yards right to 500 yards.

How long will it take for the average person can swim 2640 yards?

It is debatable about what an average person is. An average swimmer can swim 2640 yards in about 30-50 minutes. It just depends if they are a swimmer.

How long a person can swim?

people can swim for a long time. there is miles, yards, there are for hours at a time. The longest that i have know is that of going on for 7 hours in that time the person swam for 40600 yards. Yet this was only a study of how long a person could swim at a constant rate.

Why does one have to swim 1800 yards to swim a mile?

You only have to swim 1,760 yards to equal one mile.

If you swim 750 meters how many yards did you swim?

750 meters = 820.209974 yards

How many people can swim 400 yards?

Most people (that can swim) can swim 400 yards. The speed of how they do that although varies.

How many yards do I swim to equal a mile?

2000 yards.

How many yards in 0.5 mile swim?

0.5 mile = 880 yards - whether you swim or walk or run is irrelevant.

If you swim 200 yards how many miles did you swim?

0.114 miles

What is competitvie swimming?

It is when you swim competitively. You take part in races. You swim to go fast.

Is it the same to swim 400 meters as it is to swim 500 yards?

No:400 meters is the same as 437.45 yards500 yards is the same as 457.2 meters.

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