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The Factorial symbol is the exclamation point. (!) This symbol means to multiply a row of natural descending numbers.

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Q: Symbol for factorial
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What is the mathematical symbol for factorial?

The symbol for a factorial is the exclamation point (!). For example, 4! = 4*3*2*1 = 24.

What is the symbol for factorial?

an exclamation point !

What does an exclamation point symbol right next to a number do to the number?

An exclamation mark after a number is the symbol for the factorial function.

What is the exclamation point symbol in a classroom science lab?

It might be the symbol for the mathematical function "factorial". 5! would be 5X4X3X2X1.

What value is equivalent to the following symbol 10!6!?

10! and 6! means factorial of 10, and factorial of 6, respectively. You can calculate that on most scientific calculators - or you can multiply all numbers from 1 to 6 for the factorial of 6, and all numbers from 1 to 10 for the factorial of 10.

Factorial in c program using for loop?

#include int main() { int fact,Factorial; printf("Please Enter Factorial Number\n"); scanf("%d",&fact); Factorial=func_fact(fact); printf("factorial is %d\n",Factorial); } int func_fact(int number) { int i; int factorial=1; for(i=number;i>=1;i--) { factorial=factorial*i; } return factorial; }

Why is there exclamation points in some math problems?

The exclamation point is the symbol for the factorial function. For integer values of n, n! = 1*2*3*...*n The factorial is critical for calculating numbers of permutations and combinations.

What is the value of 9 factorial plus 6 factorial?

The value of 9 factorial plus 6 factorial is 363,600

What is 30 factorial divided by 27 factorial times 3 factorial?

It is 4060.

What is factorial of 998?

factorial of -1

What is a factorial symbol?

The symbol commonly used to denote factorial is the exclamation point ( ! ). E.g. 1! = 1 2! = 2 3! = 6 4! = 24 5! = 120 x! = x*(x-1)*(x-2)*(x-3)*(x-4)* ... *3*2*1 , where x is an integer.

What is a factorial function in Visual Basic?

Factorial is a Mathematical Function.Factorial returns the product of all numbers from 1 to itselfe.g. Factorial 5 = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120It is expressed as n! = factorial of nTo implement it in Visual Basic, there are two methods-Function factorial(ByVal n as Integer) as IntegerIf n =< 1 Then factorial = 1:Exit Functionfactorial = n * factorial(n-1)End FunctionFunction factorial(ByVal n as Integer) as Integerfactorial = 1Dim a as IntegerFor a = 1 to nfactorial = factorial * aNext 'aEnd Function

What is the factorial of 34?

34 factorial = 295,232,799,039,604,140,847,618,609,643,520,000,000.

What is 1 factorial?

1 factorial = 1

What is the factorial of 27?

27 factorial = 10,888,869,450,418,352,160,768,000,000

What is the factorial of 40?

40 Factorial = 815,915,283,247,897,734,345,611,269,596,115,894,272,000,000,000

What is 18 factorial?

18 factorial is 6,402,373,705,728,000.

What is zero factorial?

Zero factorial = 1

What is factorial of 65?

Factorial 65 = 8247650592082470666723170306785496252186258551345437492922123134388955774976000000000000000

What is factorial of six?

Factorial 6 = 720

What is 26 factorial?

26 factorial is 403,291,461,126,605,635,584,000,000

Why is the factorial sign an exclamation mark instead of any other symbol?

It's math, math is always complicated. It's an ! because it is.

How do you find factorial of a given number in shell scripting?

#!/bin/sh echo "Enter the number" read num factorial=1 for i in `seq 1 $num` do factorial=`expr $i \* $factorial` done echo $factorial

How do you find the factorial using while loop in c plus plus?

unsigned __int64 factorial(unsigned __int64 number) { unsigned __int64 factorial=1; while(number) factorial*=number--; return(factorial); }

Why one factorial and zero factorial is same?

As we know product of no numbers at all is 1 and for this reason factorial of zero =1and we know factorial of 1=1