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Q: Tanvir runs and walks 10 km from her home to school and then back again each day. She runs for the first 8 km at the speed of 15 km per hour she walks the last 2 km at the speed of 6 km per hour?
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The school competes with speed by lowering the other school's speed.

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When children are present what is the speed limit in a school zone unless posted otherwise?

School speed zone is typically 25 mph.

When may you drive at the maximum speed indicated by a speed limit sign?

is to school

What is the speed you go through a school zone?

The speed limit through a school zone can vary depending on location. Usually, the speed limit is between 15 and 25 miles per hour.

When the yellow light on the school zone speed limit sign is flashing you do not have to observe the posted speed limit on the sign?

A motorist is expected not to drive faster than the speed limit on the sign until the school has been passed.

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Magic City High School

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It depends on where you live. Check local laws to see whether or not the speed limit differs in school zones on weekends and during certain hours of the day.

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When passing a school while children are entering or leaving is the speed limit 25 mph?

In many locations that is the statutory speed. HOWEVER - the legal speed limit at that time and place is WHATEVER IS POSTED. Many school locations are posted with speed limits that are different from the 'usual' prevailing speed on that roadway.

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Speed limit in a school zone is?


What activities to truckers do that school buses can not?


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The hydrogen in water causes the speed of light to slow down. When it exits, the air and gravity cause it to speed up again. It gets the energy from gravity.

If a school is not in session the school zone speed limit is still enforceable?

No. Not unless the school zone lights are flashing.

What is the speed limit when passing a school building or school grounds when children are present?