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Q: Te2- I1- Cs1 plus and Ba2 plus are all with Xe?
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What is the equation for potassium sulfate and barium bromide?

When they react K2SO4 and BaBr2 they'll give 2KBr and BaSO4: SO42-aq + Ba2+aq ---> (BaSO4)s ('s' = solid = precipitating bariumsulfate) 2K+ and Ba2+ are spectator ions (all 'aq' = hydrated in solution)

What ions are iso-electronic with the barium ion?

Cesium(I), Cs+1 is an iso-electronic ion to Ba2+ and also iodine, I-1 ions and xenon, Xe0 atoms are iso-electronic to Ba2+ ions.They all have the [Xe] electron configuration: [2, 8, 18, 18, 8], 0

What is the the difference between soluble and solubility?

Solubility is normally measured as the amount of a substance that can dissolve in a solvent and is measured in units of (amount of substance)/(volume of solvent).Barium nitrate, for example, has a solubility of 0.105 moles/litre in water, or it can also be expressed as 27.3g/litre.The solubility product is an equilibrium constant for the process:salt (solid) cations (aq) + ions (aq)As the activity of the solid is taken to have a value of 1, the solubility product is the result of multiplying the concentrations of the dissolved ions at the solid's maximum solubility.The solubility product (Ksp) can be thought of as a more general expression of the solubility of a substance. To obtain the solubility product, we multiply the concentrations (mol/litre)* of ALL the ions that result from the substance dissolving when they are at their maximum concentration.In the case of barium nitrate, we have:Ba(NO3)2 ---> Ba2+ + NO3- + NO3-So the solubility product , Ksp = [Ba2+][NO3-][NO3-] = [Ba2+][NO3-]2The experimentally determined value of the solubility product for Barium Nitrate is 4.64×10-3.For barium nitrate dissolving in pure water, [NO3-]= 2[Ba2+], so we can writeKsp = [Ba2+][NO3-]2 = 4[Ba2+]3 = 4.64×10-3Solving this, [Ba2+] = 0.105 mol/litreAs [Ba2+] equals the concentration of barium nitrate that is dissolved, this is the solubility of barium nitrate in pure water.The usefulness of the solubility product is that we can use it to look at the effects of ions from other sources than the salt. For example, if we try to dissolve barium nitrate in 10 molar nitric acid, we use the same expression as before:Ksp = [Ba2+][NO3-]2 = 4.64×10-3But this time [NO3-] = 10 mol/litre (approx), as that is already in solution, so:100 [Ba2+] = 4.64×10-3[Ba2+] = 4.64×10-5The solubility of barium nitrate in 10M nitric acid is 4.64×10-5 Mol/litre, MUCH less than its solubility in pure water, and not something that you could determine from the solubility alone.*Strictly, we should use activity rather than concentration.

Is there a Adobe After Effects that's not extremely expensive?

nothing is cheap that is as good as After Effects, but there are free ways to get After effects.

What volume of 0.131 M BaCl2 is required to react completely with 42.0 ml of .453 MNa2SO4. This is the net ionic equation for the reaction. Ba2 plus plus SO42---- BaSO4. Correct answer equals 145 ML?

first of all, you need to recognize that one mole of Na2SO4 is reacting with one mole of BaCL2. so find the moles of the NaSO4, then you automatically have the moles of the BaCL2. if you get the moles of the BaCL2, its easy to calculate the volume of it because you already have the MOLARITY. good luck

Is Li2CO3 a electrolyte?

Yes. All salts of group 1 ions are soluble. Ba2+ is an exception to the "sulfates are soluble" rule, and neither chromium nor phosphate appears on the solubility rules.

What is solubility product constant?

At saturated solution of (partly) insoluble salt (imaginable: A2B) the following Equilibrium exists:(A2B)s --> 2A+ + B2-The thermodynamic Equilibrium constant Ksol equals: Ksol = [A+]2*[B2-] , the square hooks symbolise the ion concentration in mole/L. Note also the power in superscript [A]power which is equal to the number of ions in the (standardised) reaction equation. Further it should be noted that the amount of solid salt (A2B)s is not in the nominator of this Equilibrium equation, Ksol = [A+]2*[B2-] and that's why it is called (Equilibrium) solubility product.

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What Is The Precipitate Of Sodium Hydroxide Magnesium Sulphate?

Magnesium Hydroxide since in the Solubility Rules it states that "All hydroxides are insoluable exceptcompounds of the alkali metals, Ca2+, Sr2+ and Ba2+" and since Magnesium is not in any one of those on the list Hydroxide is insoluable and therefore the precipitate.

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