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Q: Temperature is measured in degrees
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What is the unit temperature is measured in?

temperature is measured in degrees celsius or Fahrenheit

Is temperature measured in centimetres?

NO ... Barometric Pressure is measured in Centimeters or Inches (of Mercury.) Temperature is measured in Degrees Fahrenheit or Degrees Centigrade.

What is measured in degrees celeius?


Temperature s measured in what?

Temperature is measured in degrees. There two generally used types of degrees, degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius. One Fahrenheit degree equals 1.8 Celsius degrees.

What is mesured in degrees?

Angles are measured in degrees and so is temperature

What are thermometers in Australia measured in?

Temperature in Australia is measured in degrees Celsius.

What are some things measured in degrees K?

Temperature is measured in kelvin.

Is heat is measured in degrees Celsius?

Temperature is measured in celcius.Heat is measured in joules.

Is temperature measured in calories?

No it is by messured degrees

What is the temperature of 1.5 volts?

Temperature is measured in degrees, voltage is measured in volts. They are different physical concepts.

Which property of an objects particles is temperature?

Temperature is a physical property measured in Kelvin degrees or Celsius degrees.

How is temperature is measured?

Temperature is usually measured with a thermometer which tells you how many degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit the temperature is (Fahrenheit is the American measure and Celsius is what everyone else uses)