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You need to answer at least 19 questions correctly to score 70% or higher. Answering 18 correct will get you close (69.23%).

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Q: Test has 26 questions how much to get a 70 percent?
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Robin got 26 out of 40 test questions correct. What percent of robin's answers were wrong answers?


What is the percent if 26 question were wrong out of 40 question on test?

40-26=14 questions answered correctly. 14/40=.35 Therefore the percentage of the test would be 35%

What is the percent if you have 26 questions and 6 were wrong?

20 percent

If there were 33 questions on a test and 7 were wrong what grade would that be?

If the teacher is not using a curve, 33-7=26 so there are 26 questions right. The percent correct is 26/33 or 78.78787878 percent with the 78 in the decimal recurring, meaning this is a 78.8 or a 79, which is a C or a C+ in many grading systems.

How many correct answers from a 30 questions to get 87 percent?

x/30 = .87 x = 26 questions

What the percent if you got 18 out of 26 on a test?


What is the percent if you have 26 questions and have two wrong?

92.3077% correct percentage.

What percent do you have to pass the ham radio test?

Not quite 75%. There are 35 questions on the Technician and General exams, of which 26 must be correct. There are 50 questions on the Amateur Extra exam, of which 37 must be correct.

What is the answer to question 26 on my math test on expanded notation?

There is no way to know the questions on your teacher's test.

How much is 26 percent of one dollar?

26 cents

How much percent is 26 out of 35?


How much is 10 percent of 26?


How many questions on the KY permit test?

there are usually 26 questions about the manual itself. in addition to that, there are usually 10 road sign questions.

How much is 40 percent of 65 dollars?

It is 26 dollars.

What is the decimal for 26?

the answer for the questions is .26 because is this was a fraction the percent would move two sides of that is next to the 2 on lthe left.

What percent is 26 percent out of 100 percent?


How many points are each question if there are 26 questions?

The answer will depend on the total score for the test and whether or not all the questions are score the same.

What percent of 26 percent is 10 percent?

10 percent is 38.46% of 26 percent. (rounded)

What is 74.5 percent of 26?

74.5 percent of 26 is about 19.37 percent

What is 26 percent of 65?

what percent of 26 is 65

What is 70 percent out of 26 questions?

18.2 correct (you need 19) 7.8 wrong (no more than 7)

As a percent how much ketchup did HL Heinz claim in 1994?


What is 26 percent of 35 in math?

26 percent of 35 is 9.1 26% = .26 .26 × 35 = 9.1

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0.05 percent of 26 = 0.0130.05% of 26= 0.05% * 26= 0.0005 * 26= 0.013

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26 Percent of 89 = 23.14%