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Yes, the Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS, released in 2003, is a scientific calculator. It is an updated version of the TI-30 scientific calculator from 1976, which sold for $25.

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Q: Texas instruments TI-30XIIS is a scientific calculator?
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My Texas instruments calculator operating slow?

Look for a reset button on the back of your calculator,(works for ti30xIIs) or look in manual how to clean ram mem.

Can a Texas instrument graphing calculator also be used as a scientific calculator?

A Texas Instruments graphing calculator can be used as a basic calculator, a scientific calculator and a graphing calculator.

Why is this calculator needed in America What is the science calculator supposed to do?

Scientific calculators can calculate numbers into scientific notation, great for earth science and chemistry class. These are made by Texas Instruments.

How do you enter an exponent on Texas Instruments TI-30xIIS calculator?

Texas Instruments TI-30xIIS calculator?

How do you you solve absolute value on a scientific calculator?

On a Texas Instruments calculator you can use abs. Other calculators may need a manual to find the steps.

How do you fix a scientific calculator?

There are many issues that you may be having with the calculator. You can call Texas Instruments Customer Support at 1-800-842-2737 for general questions regarding your calculator.

What is 7 and 5 sixths plus negative 3 and 1 third?

Get a scientific calculator (preferably Texas Instruments) and do it yourself!

What is the cheapest scientific calculator?

Texas Instruments TI-30 Xa Solar is the cheapest with a price range of $8.00 to $20.00

Where can I get a good scientific calculator to use for science and math?

A good place to get a scientific calculator would be Best Buy. They offer a wide selection of Texas Instruments calculators for all levels of math abilities.

What kind of calculator do you need for an Integrated Two class?

Texas instruments calculator

Who made the graphing calculator TI?

Texas Instruments

How do you put fractions on a Texas Instruments TI-81 calculator?

How to add fractions on a texas instruments TI-81