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The 45 rpm record was followed by the

, which in turn was followed by the eight-track tape player.

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Q: The 45 rpm record was followed by the which in turn was followed by the eight-track tape player.?
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How do you keep a 45 record on the record player?

Duct tape

Where can you transfer a tape to a CD?

On your CD player/ tape player... just push the record button while you are playing the tape

Can I record from my ipod to a tape player?

yes yo can you will need to transfer the songs from your Ipod to your computer and then to the tape player.

What is the older before CD player?

a tape/cassette then maybe a record player

What is an example of an analog?

Sound, such as from a tape or record player. A CD would be digital.

Trying to record a DVD to vhs tape?

Play the DVD, with the player connected to a VHS recorder, hit record.

How does a cassette recorder work?

The tape in a cassette has a bunch of little magnets in it. When you record on the tape, the magnets are aligned in a pattern that can be read later by a cassette player.

Where can you listen to Michael Jackson songs?

Indoors and outdoors. On a website, on the TV, on an MP3 player, on a record player, on the radio, on a tape machine and on a CD player.

How do you make an electronic predator call?

Just record rabbit distress off the computer onto a simple music tape and take a tape player hunting with you.

How do you record on the b side of a cassette tape?

Turn the tape over.

What is the modern day invention of the phonograph?

After the cassette tape player/recorder this was overtaken by the CD player/recorder, followed by the DAT tape player and the Mini disk CD player/recorder. This as mostly been superseded by MP3 format players :- including mobile phones/ i Pads etc.

How do you disable the tape player in your 1997 infiniti J30 without disabling the CD player?

Disable the tape player by not inserting a tape into the player.

Cassette player does not play tape?

If the cassette player does not play the tape, insert a different tape to see if that is the problem. If another tape does not play, use a can of air to clean the tape player.

Replace tape player in Ford Fiesta?

Remove the tape player decorative cover. Remove the tape player retaining screws. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the tape player. Reverse the process to install the new tape player.

Who invented the tape player?

the person who invented the Tape player me>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..hahahahahaha

Tape recorder how to erase the tape?

To erase the tape you must rewind back and then record over the previous recording.

Can tape recorders record music?


The tape showed an instant of the touchdown?


How to video tape a bntm show?

put it in a vidio tape recorder and press record

How do you remove a tape player from a 1997 Volkswagen Caddy?

Remove the decorative cover to your 1997 VW tape player. Remove the tape player retaining screws. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the tape player.

What are the technical advances between a tape player and CD player?

a tape is two sided but still holds less memory than a tape player.

When was the first Tape playerCD player invented?

A tape player plays tapes - tape players never played CD's.

What was made after the tape player?

A pencil was made after the tape player, using wood and graphite

Is it legal to tape record on a school bus?

Tape record WHAT? Other people's conversations (without them knowing it or giving permission)? No, it is not - it's an invasion of privacy.

How do you record on FM radio to a cassette tape?

For Serious?