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Q: The Attentive watching of something and possibly recording a measurement?
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What does s mean in measurement?

Possibly seconds.

Where can one purchase telephone recording device?

It depends on the type of telephone recording device you are looking for. Radioshack or Best Buy could possibly take care of your needs. If you are looking for something more discreet, try searching your area for spy shops.

What's the Difference between video recording and digital recording?

Possibly none. Video refers to what IS recorded, digital refers to how it is recorded or stored.

What is fl in measurement?

Possibly a femtolitre, which is one quadrillionth of a litre.

What information do you lose when you simplify a ratio?

Possibly the original units of measurement.

Can verbal message be used through email?

You could possibly attach an audio or video recording to the email.

What unit of measurement would you use for 20 gram of alcohol?

Err, grams, possibly!

How old to work in a recording studio?

I believe the only age restrictions are that of any other job. I think in the US its around 16 or something like that to legally work. The chances of getting a job at a recording studio when you are that young is slim to none unless you know someone or have family in the industry. Recording studios have millions of dollars worth of gear and are hesitant to let someone that doesn't know what they are doing around. You could possibly get an internship and be a runner or something like that and work your way up. I would suggest young people that are interested in recording to get some gear and start recording at home to get to know the basics and build some experience, and then contact studios for an internship.

Is it true Supervisors are responsible for recording and reporting changes in resource status?

Possibly-their duties are not the same in every organization.

What is the size of the average quartz?

Be more specific, what do you mean by quartz?: Are you talking about the quartz in side an atom? A unit of measurement? Or possibly a type of rock?

What unit of measurement for nuclear particles was named after a figure of speech for something being unlikely?

The barn is a unit of measurement for nuclear cross-sections and was named after the figure of speech "couldn't hit the broad side of a barn," which means something is unlikely to hit a target. It is used to describe the chances of particles interacting with a nucleus during collisions.

What do you call the broken remains of something?

Pieces, possibly shards, possibly fragments.