The alphabet of capitals

Updated: 11/3/2022
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Atlanta,GABaton Rouge,LACarson City,NVDover,DEEdmonton,ALB CanadaFrankfort,KYGeorgetown,GuyanaHarrisburg,PAIndianapolis,INJuneau,AKKathmandu,NepalLansing,MIMontpelier,VTNassau,BahamaOslo,NorwayPortland,ORQuito,EcuadorRekjavik,IcelandSioux Falls,IATallahassee,FLUlaanbaatar,MongoliaVilnius,LithuaniaWitchia,KAX=No capitals that start with the letter xYerevan,ArmeniaZagreb,CroatiaI'am 16 years old and I knew all the capital around the world, and the U.S.

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Q: The alphabet of capitals
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What are all the capitalized letters in the Greek alphabet?

capitals weren't invented yet

What capitals letters of the alphabet have two lines of symmetry?


What capitals letters of the alphabet have two perpendicular lines?

N, M and H

What is the answer to puzzle 86 in Professor Layton and Pandoras's Box?

think about mirrored alphabet capitals - this one is AA

What is the most frequently used first letter of the English alphabet?

Lower case; 'e' Capitals; 'T'

What is the second last letterof the greek alphabet?

The second last letter is Ψ (Pron. p'SEE accent on the capitals)

How is amare written in original Latin?

If you mean how it would look in writing, it's: AMARE Samr as our current alphabet, but no lower case letters - all capitals.

Which is the better team the Capitals or the Blackhawks?


What are the states and capitals of America?

what is the capitals of U.S.A

How many capitals in India?

There are 27 capitals in india.

What is the plural of capital?

The plural of "capital" is "capitals."

What has the author Luca Orfei written?

Luca Orfei has written: 'Alfabeto delle maiuscole antiche romane' -- subject(s): Alphabet, Calligraphy, Early works to 1800, Latin Inscriptions, Latin language, Roman capitals (Lettering)