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Q: The amount of one hundred and eighty dollars is what percent greater than one hundred and thirty five dollars?
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The amount 180 dollars is what percent greater than 135 dollars?

its 33.33% grater than 135 dollars

What is 10 percent off of one hundred thirty dollars?

The amount after the discount is $117.00

How much is 50 percent off?

Okay. The 'full amount' of something is one-hundred percent. Half of one hundred is fifty. For example, if something costs five-hundred dollars and it was on special in a shop, it would cost two hundred and fifty dollars. So if an advertisement says something is fifty percent off, it means half off the original price.

What is the amount needed on a 25 thousand dollar bond?

It's usually ten percent; twenty-five hundred dollars.

What type of percent is when the final amount is greater than the original amount?

A percent which is greater than 100.

Which is greater 35 percent percent 60 or 30 percent percent 80?

35% of 60 is the greater amount.

What is 6 percent of 600.000 dollars?

Percent is from the Latin "per cent", meaning "of one hundred".So, 6 percent of 600 dollars means "6 dollars out of every one hundred dollars".Since there are 6 one hundreds in six hundred, the answer is 6 x 6, or 36 dollars.If you happen to be calculating sales tax, that amount is added to the bill. So your sub-total would be $600, your tax would be $36, and your total would be $636.

What amount is 400000.00?

Four hundred thousand dollars

What is the amount of 400000.00?

Four hundred thousand dollars

How do you spell 338 dollars?

The currency amount $338 is "three hundred thirty-eight dollars."

What Is type of percent when the final amount is greater than the original amount?


Is 302 greater than 30 percent?

302 is an amount, but 30% is a portion of an amount, not an amount in itself. Thus, you cannot determine which is greater if you do not know what the 30% is of.

What is 30 percent off 25 dollars?

The amount after the discount is $17.50

What is 5 percent of 1105 in dollar amount?

5% of 1105 dollars = 55.25 dollars.

How do you spell 263 dollars?

The amount $263 is written or spoken "two hundred (and) sixty-three dollars."

How do you spell 485 dollars?

The currency amount $485 is spelled out "four hundred eighty-five dollars."

How do you spell 283 dollars?

The amount would be written or spoken "two hundred eighty-three dollars."

What is 25 percent off 121 dollars?

You would reduce the amount by 30.25 dollars - leaving you with 90.75 dollars.

How much does it cost to bond an employee?

It can cost a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the type of bond and the amount. The basic cost is a couple hundred dollars for a fairly simple and low bond.

How do you write in words the amount 306575.00?

Three hundred six thousand, five hundred seventy-five dollars.

Which number is greater 96 percent or 3.5 percent?

96% is a larger amount than 3.5%

How do you write money in words?

Your balance due is four thousand, six hundred, forty six dollars and eighty two cents. If this amount is not paid within 30 days, a twelve percent late fee will be applied to the balance due, adding five hundred, fifty seven dollars and sixty two cents to the total amount due.

What amount is 150 percent greater than 18310.00?


141 dollars is 47 percent of what amount?

141 dollars is 47% of $300.00

What is 10 percent of 2.6 million dollars?

Since 100 percent of 2.6 million dollars is $2,600,000, simply divide this amount by 10 to find 10% of it. $2,600,000/10 = $260,000