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Answer for Apex: length, width, and height

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Why are square units used when working with a three-dimensional figure?

Surface area of three dimensional figures are measured in square units whereas their volumes are measured in cubic units

What is three dimensional figures?

figures what are 3D

What is the name of figures that are three dimensional figures?

Figures in three dimensions are known as solids.

Are rectangles measured in cubic units?

no, cubic units are for three dimensional figures, hence cubic = 3 they are measured in square units, as they have only two dimensions.

What 2 three dimensional figures have circular bases?

Two three dimensional figures that have circular bases: Cone, and Cylinder.

What are all the 3 dimensional shapes called?

The three dimensional figures are called Space figures

What is a three dimensional grometric figure?

In geometry three-dimensional shapes are solid figures or objects or shapes that have three dimensions length, width, and height. Unlike two-dimensional shapes, three-dimensional shapes have thickness or depth. A cube and cuboid are examples of three-dimensional objects, as they have length, width, and height.

Two-dimensional figures are typically measured by their and?

Length And Width

The and of many two-dimensional figures can be measured?

Length Width

Three-dimensional figures that have no edges?

The answer is a sphere.

What is 3 dimensional figures?

Something that is not flat. A cube is three-dimensional, but a square is not. A sphere is three-dimensional, but a circle is not.

What are Two dimensional figures typically measured by?

Area; this is often measured in square meters, or square centimeters.

Are three-dimensional figures are plane?

No. Planes are 2-dimensional.

Is a polyhedra a three dimensional figure?

Pedantically, no. A polyhedron is a three dimensional figure (with some additional qualities). Polyhedra are three dimensional figures.

What are three dimensional figures?

3d shapes

Three dimensions figures are measured by what?

They can be measured by their linear measures in three orthogonal directions.

What are Three dimensions figures measured by?

They can be measured by their linear measures in three orthogonal directions.

Are pyramids three-dimensional figures?


How can you represent three dimensional figures with two dimensional drawings?

For example, if you keep on stacking squares (two dimensional figure) on top of one another, it will slowly form a cuboid (three dimensional figures). There is a mathematical way of calling it. Google it!

Three dimensional figures are typically measured by their?

Volume - measured in cubic meters, cubic centimeters, etc.APEX height, length, and width

How are two and three dimensional figures related?

Because they are dimesional figures either way!

What figures are three dimensional figures?

Sphere, cone, rectangular prism, cube, cylinder

Two-dimensional figures are typically measured by their?

Area. Very few 2-dimensional figures can be measured by length and width - rectangles (and stretching the terminology) triangles and parallelograms. Certainly not circles, stars, irregular polygons, other irregular shapes.

Many simple three-dimensional figures are described using and .?

A very tiny class of three dimensional figures can be described using only two items of information.

What is a three dimensional figure that has faces with more than one dimensional figure?

All three dimensional figures have more faces than a one dimensional figure. There are an infinite number of one dimensional points on a three dimensional figure