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Q: The areas of which two states differ by 944 square miles?
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What are the three states with the smallest area in square miles?

The three American states with the smallest areas are:Rhode Island - 1,545 square milesDelaware - 1,954 square milesConnecticut - 5,544 square miles

How many square miles are there in Louisiana?

Louisiana covers 51,843 square miles, making it the 31st largest of the 50 states. Land Area 43,566 square miles of Louisiana are land areas. Water Area 8,277 square miles of Louisiana are covered by water.

How many square mile does Oklahoma cover?

Oklahoma's total area covers 69,898 square miles. In terms of total areas, Oklahoma ranks number 20 out of all 50 states of the United States. Alaska's rank is one on this list with about 663,267 square miles.

What size in square miles is Mayland?

12,407 total square miles (including water areas).

How many square miles is Utah?

84,904 total square miles (includes water areas).

Square miles in US square miles in africa?

The United States' area is 3,796,700 square miles. Africa's area is 11,670,000 square miles.

What is the area in square miles of the United States of America?

The area of the United States of America is 3.794 million square miles.

What is the size of the southwest region of the US in square miles?

There is no official definition of the Southwest Region of the United States. Different U.S. governmental departments have different designations of the area included in the Southwest Region. The Southwest Region of the United States generally includes all or portions of eight states. The eight states and their total area in square miles are Arizona (113,990 square miles), California (163,694 square miles), Colorado (104,093 square miles), Nevada (110,571 square miles), New Mexico (121,590 square miles), Oklahoma (69,898 square miles), Texas (268,596 square miles) and Utah (84,896 square miles). The eight states have a total area of 1,037,328 square miles.

Area in square miles of Massachusetts?

10,555 square miles total area, including water areas.

What is the square miles of the US?

United States total area: 3,537,441 square miles.

What size is America in square miles?

USA - 3,717,811.29 square miles.

Sq miles United States?

United States - 3,794,101 square miles.