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Q: The average of six numbers is 4 If the average of two of those numbers is 2 what is the average of the other four numbers?
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Related questions

What is the average of four numbers?

It is the total of those numbers divided by four.

The average of six numbers is 4 If the average of two of those numbers is 2 what is the?

the sum of all numbers is 6*4=24 sum of two = 2*2=4 average of other four=24-4/4=5

If the sum of four numbers is 444 what is the average of the four numbers?

111 is the average, as you would divide 444 by 4.

What is The average of four numbers that equals 5?

The average of any 4 numbers that add together to equal 5 is 1.25. It doesn't matter what the numbers are, you can find the average as long as you know how many numbers and what they add up to. x+y+z+a+b+c = 36, the average of those numbers will be 6, regardless of how big or small they are.

How do you find the average of 86 69 71 and 56?

86+69+71+56=282 282/the amount of numbers you want to average, so 282/4 = 70.5 70.5 is the average of those four numbers.

If the sum of four numbers is 14.8 what is the average of the four numbers?

The average, in this case, is the sum divided by 4 (since there are 4 numbers).

What is an average and how do you find it?

Average is the sum of numbers divided by n. It is also called the mean average.Here is an example to find the average of numbers:Let's say you want to find the average of four numbers, 26, 14, 11, and 9.First you need to add up those 4 numbers. 26 + 14 + 11 + 9 = 60.Then you need to divide the result (60), by the numbers of numbers there are, in this case 4, because there are four numbers you want to find the average.60 divided by 4 = 15, so the average of the numbers 26, 14, 11, and 9 is 15.

What are the prime numbers of 48 90 105 56?

None of those four numbers are prime numbers.

Is the sum of four numbers 144 what is the average of the four number?

46,47,48, 28

What is the numbers when the sum of four numbers is 24. And another number is added their average becomes 7?


What are average numbers?

This is how you find an average number: Lets say we need to find the average of 32, 36, 34, 37. Now we add those up. Equals: 139. Now count the amount of numbers we have. We have four numbers. So, now we divide 139 by 4. Equals: 34.75! Easy!

Three of four numbers have a sum of 22. If the average of the four numbers is 8 what is the fourth number?

The fourth number is 10.

Why does 133 and 39 have 4 factors?

Because there are only four numbers that divide into those numbers evenly.

What is the rule for this sequence of numbers 2 3 5 7?

Those are the first four prime numbers.

What 4 numbers is the average of 5?

Any set of four numbers that totals 20 has an average of 5.3, 4, 6, 7

If the average of these four numbers are 21 find the missing number the numbers are 12 18 28 and?

The Answer is 26

Is four over seven a benchmark fraction?

no because only 1, 0, and a half are benchmark fractions other fractions fall between those numbers

What is the sum of the average and four is negative 6?

It is a mathematical statement. It means that the average of a set of numbers is negative 10 and the sum of this average and four is, therefore, negative six!

How do you find the average of four numbers?

add them together and divide them by 4

What number between 70 and 80 evenly divides the smallest of four consective odd whole numbers which have an average of 549?

four consecutive odd, whole numbers cannot have an average of 549. four odd numbers added together would be an even number. an even number divided by another even number (in this case, four) will only yield an even number.

The average of four consecutive even numbers 24 30 26 28 is 27 The largest of these numbers is?


What are the 4 things in each box of the periodic table?

The four pieces of information in each box of most periodic tables are the element's name, the element's symbol, the element's average atomic weight and the element's atomic number. Other periodic tables have other information, but standard periodic tables almost always have those four.

What is the average five numbers 6536?

I think you mean following FOUR numbers..? To find the average, or mean of a set of numbers, you add them all up and divide by however many numbers you have. The average of 6, 5, 3, and 6 would is 5. 5+5+6+6= 20. 2/5=4. If you don't get it, heres another example. Number: 2, 3, 6, and 8. 2+3+6+8+= 19 19/4= 4.75, because the sum of all those numbers is 19, divided by the number of numbers are there, which is four. :D

132 140 145 128 what is the average of numbers?

To find the average of the four numbers, add them up and divide by four.In this instance 132 + 140 + 145 + 128 = 545Dividing this by four gives us 545 / 4 = 136.25, or 136 and a quarter.

132 140 145 128 what is the average of all four numbers?