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(Face Value of Note) x (Annual Interest Rate) x (Time in Terms of One Year) = Interest

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Q: The basic formula for computing interest on an interest-bearing note is face value of note x annual interest rate x time in terms of one year equals Interest?
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The formula for computing interest on a note is principal of the note times the annual interest rate times time expressed in years?

I = (P x T x R)/100

WHAT does the carrot in the formula for compound interest means?

There is no carrot in the compound interest formula!

What is the basic imputed interest formula?

imputed interest

Find the formula of simple interest?

the formula for simple interest is I=PRT (interest=principal x rate x time )

What is the formula for times interest earned ratio?

Times Interest Earned = Operating Income/ Interest Expense.

What is the Formula for simple interest rate?

The answer for rate in simple interest is =rate= simple interest\principle*time

How do you solve compound interest formula for n?

It depends on which compound interest formula you mean. Refer to the Wikipedia Article on "Compound Interest" for the correct terminology.

What is the formula for finding interest?

i=prt FACT: If an annual interest rate is given, time in the simple interest formula must be expressed in terms of years.

What is formula for interest?

You use the PRI formula

What is the formula to calculate monthly interest rate if the annual interest rate is known?

Annual Interest Rate divided by 12= Monthly Interest Rate

What is the formula for calculating interest coverage ratio?

operating income vefore interest and income taxes / annual interest expense

How can one calculate their interest?

The formula used to calculate your interest is the principle balance, multiplied by the monthly interest rate. Then you mulitply that by the number of months in which you last paid interest.

What is the formula for difference between simple interest and compound interest?


Which formula determines the interest amount on a loan?

interest=principal times rate times time

How would one describe a compound interest formula?

There are two types of interest used in finance: Compound Interest and Basic Interest. Basic Interest is paid once at the end of the earning period. Compound interest is added at set intervals throughout the earning period, which allows the investor to earn interest on their interest.

Formula for simple interest?

ip = r2t

Formula for compound interest?


Which of these is the correct formula for calculating interest on a loan?

Interest = Rate x Principal x Time

How is interest calculated?

Interest is found using the formula: PRT/100 = PxRxT/100. the answer is then divided by 100.

What is the Simple Interest Formula?

I = prt where I = interest, p = principal, r = rate. and t = time in years.

What is the formula for simple annual interest?

I= Prt I=interest P=principal r=rate t=time

How do you calculate interest of 6 months fixed deposit with the principal of 10000 and the interest rate is 8 percent?

The formula to calculate interest is as follows: Interest = Principal * No. of years * Rate of Interest / 100 So Interest = 10000 * 0.5 * 8 / 100 = 400/- The interest you will receive interest at the end of the 6 month period is Rs. 400/-

What is the formula to calculate interest?

In calculating for the interest, please use the formula below:I = PRTwhere I stands for InterestP for principalR for rate; andT for time

How is the formula for simple interest used?

PxRxT 100

A company's fixed interest expense is 8000 its income before interest expense and income taxes is 32000 Its net income is 9600 The company's times interest earned ratio is?

Formula for times interest earned = earning before interest and tax / interest expense Times interest earned = 32000 / 8000 = 4 times