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check the bulb monator. it will cause this problem


Test / Replace brake light switch first (small button depressed by the brake lever when brake is NOT pushed - has only two wires). Test by connectung wires to one another and see if brake lights work. If they work, replace the switch. If they still don't work, replace the bulb failure warning sensor. It is a red cylinder with many (12?) wires going in and out in a round pattern on the open side - it isbelow and to the left of the steering column. You have to remove the panel below the steering column. Pop the plugs with a screwdriver to expose the screws beneath.

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Reply 8 from Sean is probably best place to start. Try the bulb failure warning sensor first because it is easy to get to, above the fuse panel. The brake light switch is a nightmare to get out, you need just the right compact wrench and some yoga lessons. There are 2 switches working off the brake pedal, The long round black plastic (easy to get to) one is your cruise control switch. Attached through the steering column plate above and to the right of CC switch is the full metal break light switch. GOod luck!

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Q: The brake lights on an 89 Volvo 740 turbo went out a while ago checked the bulbs and there is power going to the pedal switch also the bulb out dash light doesn't come on?
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Volvo 1992 240 brake lights out checked fuses and bulbs all fine?

Check wiring for 12v also the brake switch on the brake pedal.

In your 1996 Volvo 960 the lights and windows periodically won't function and the car won't shift?

Have the ignition switch checked. As they age they don't make contact intermittently.

Switch off lights when engine is running on a Volvo V70?

your headlamp switch on the dashboard has a small screw on it. its a 3 position switch. turn it to switch daytime running lights off.

How do you adjust brake lights Volvo 950?

you do not adjust the brake lights check the bulbs or check switch top of brake pedal.

Why no tail lights on your 98 Volvo s70?

I had a similar problem with my S70 and discovered the headlight switch was defective. The switch had actually begun to separate causing the contacts for the tail lights not to make contact. Try having someone observe the tail lights while you push on the headlight switch. If the tail lights begin to work, replace the headlight switch.

The low beams on your friends 1991 Volvo 740 don't work the parking lights work with the dash lights also coming on but when you turn the switch past parking lights to the lowbeams all lights turn off?

u need to replace light switch

How to replace headlight switch in Volvo s70?

1998 VOLVO S70 Headlamp Switch

What do you do to get your interior lights to turn on in your 2001 Volvo S 40?

In the upper console above the windshield where the two lights are located there is a rocker switch giving the option of On, Off and with Doors.

Volvo and your turn signal doesnt work but your hazards and you have to put your shifter in maual override to shift to drive what is wrong?

the ignition switch is bad

Why doesnt the gauges and dash lights not working on my 2001 Volvo S60 2.4T?

bad bulbs and or blown fuse

1998 Volvo S-70 parking lights won't work?

It could be as simple as bulbs burned out or your switch could be defective.

Why head lights not working Volvo 850 High beams work and fuse checks?

First be sure the bulbs are good then check the switch.

1999 t reg s40 petrol 18just fitted used Volvo fog lights switch in dash but not working any ideas why not?

Have to visit the dealer to have them program the fog lights to the system.

Why would the brake lights on a 1994 Volvo 940 wagon stop?

Check the bulbs, check the fuse, check the brake light switch, in that order.

Why 96 Volvo 960 L turn lights always on when key on which interferes with L turn and hazard relays but hazard switch itself seems OK and works with key off so problem is some other stuck relay?

no, is not a relay, your Volvo has a little plastic screw under the headlights switchyou can use a tiny flat screwdriver and turn the are 3 positions, one of them keep the lights off, and lights will work only turning the switch. the other positions are for the automatic mode.

Is there a fuel shutoff switch on a 2006 Volvo S40 and if so where is it located?

Where. Is the fuel shutoff switch on a 2000 s40 Volvo

Why would the panel lights go in a 1997 960 Volvo?

When my Volvo broke an alternator drive belt the majority of the warning lights came on.

What and where is the PNP switch on your 98 Volvo V70?

where is the pnp swich on my v70 volvo

Why did your Volvo 850 slow down have all the lights on the dash come on and then stall out on you?

its a Volvo

Your brake lights and now the horn are out on your 1994 Volvo you changed the bulbs and checked the fuses and both seem fine all the rest of the electrical and lights are working do you think its elec?

If the brake lights & horn are on the same fused circuit the most likely cause of the problem is an open circuit before the fuse.

How do you turn the Volvo xc cross country headlights off?

The headlights are designed to be on all the time as this is a legal requirement in Sweden. It can be bypassed via the ignition switch harness by finding the power supply wire on the switch multiplug and isolating it. Disconnecting it here should not affect the main light switch operation. There also may be a fuse for the driving lights which is separate to the fuse for the main light switch. check the fuse box diagram may be listed as driving lights, aux lights or safety lights. If car is under warranty tampering may invalidate it.

Why will the reverse lights not work on a Volvo 1987 DL when all others do and the fuse is good bulbs are good and the reverse switch is good?

broken wire, bad ground, etc?

Where is the fuel cut off switch on a Volvo s60?

no fuel cut off on Volvo s60

Is there a way to replace the reverse lights switch on a 1991 Volvo 240 wagon without lowering its manual transmission?

The switch is under the center console, screws are on the sides, at the base of the shifter handle. Try using CNC Contact cleaner and adjusting the switch position before replacing.

Dash lights wont work on Volvo changed fuse now car wont start?

Do the dash lights come on now that you have put in a new fuse...Does the motor rotate or try to turn over....If not, it sounds like you have a bad ignition switch....