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The coins in the store's cash register total $12.50. The cash register contains only nickels, dimes, and quarters. There are twice as many dimes as nickels. There are also twice as many quarters as dimes. How many quarters are in the cash register?

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Q: The coins in the store's cash register total 12.50 The cash register contains only nickels dimes and quarters There are twice as many dimes as nickels There are also twice as many quarters as di?
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The coins in the stores cash register total 12.50?

The coins in a cash register amount to $12.50. One coin combination that would produce this total is 40 quarters, 19 dimes, 2 nickels, and 50 pennies. Another combination is 20 quarters, 50 dimes, 45 nickels, and 25 pennies.

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Was 1964 a popular year for the nickel?

Indirectly, yes. 1964 was the Year of the Great Coin Shortage. Silver had been deregulated and the value shot up to the point where it was profitable (sometimes very profitable) to melt coins for their metal value, so people were taking dimes, quarters, and halves out of circulation in huge numbers and selling them to metal dealers. To help people make change until the new clad coinage could be introduced in 1965, the Mint churned out oceans of nickels. When stores ran out of quarters or half dollars you were very likely to get change in the form of a fistful of nickels and pennies!

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What is special about a 1964 US nickel?

The only thing special is that there are so many of them. A total of almost 3 billion were minted, the first time more than a billion nickels were made at each mint, and that remains the highest mintage of any year. 1964 nickels still show up in change regularly.Why so many nickels?When the price of silver was deregulated silver coins started to be hoarded and melted. The resulting shortage of dimes, quarters, and halves caused huge problems for stores and banks. The Mint didn't yet have a substitute for silver that would work in vending machines and coin counters, so as a stopgap they produced enormous numbers of nickels. Until the current clad composition was developed for higher denominations in 1965, it was possible to receive 10 or 15 nickels in change!

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