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The coordinate of (0, 0) is also called the origin on the Cartesian plane.

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Q: The coordinate (00) is also called what?
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What is the name for a point on a coordinate plane that has the coordinates 00?

The name of a point that is at (0,0) on a coordinate plane is called the origin.

What coordinate is Ursa Major?

10.67h 00m 00s, +55.38° 00′ 00″

What is the name of the coordinate system that has 4 quadrants and the point 00 in the center?

Cartesian coordinate system

The center of a coordinate plane?

The centre of a coordinate plane is the point (0,0), also called the origin.

What are the two coordinates in a two coordinate graph?

The independent coordinate, sometimes called x, also known as abscissa, often laid out horizontally, and the dependent coordinate, sometimes called y, at 90 degrees, also known as the ordinate.

What is an exact location called?

An exact location is also called an absolute called a coordinate

What is the x coordinate called?

the "x" coordinate is called "x"

What the coordinate is called?

x-coordinate: abscissa y-coordinate: ordinate

What is the definition of a two - coordinate graph?

it is a independent coordinate sometimes called x, also known as abscissa, often laid out horizontally

In an ordered pair it does not matter which number is called the x coordinate and which is called the y coordinate?

The first coordinate always is called the "x" coordinate, because it goes on the "x" axis, while the second coordinate is always called the "y" coordinate because it always goes on the "y" axis.

3 sets of coordinates for colombia?

I only know one set of coordinate it is 4 00 N, 72 00 W

Where do the x-axis and y-axis intersect on the point (00)?

They intersect precisely at the point you specific. This point is also known as the "origin" of the coordinate system.

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