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Q: The cost of 4 kilograms of cheese is 50 dollars which equation shows this in function notation?
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What is the scientific notation for 12.3 million dollars?

It is 1.23*10^7 dollars in scientific notation

What is proper banking notation for million dollars?

The proper bank notation for a million dollars is as follows, "One million dollars and zero cents."

What is 5 half dollars in dollars and cents notation?


How much does 50 dollars in penny's weigh in kilograms?

Kilograms are a measure of mass, not of weight.

What is the number and word notation for 30.8 million dollars?

30800000 dollars.

What is the formula to convert kilograms to dollars?

There is no such formula

What is standard notation for 34 million dollars?

34 million dollars is $34,000,000.00

How much is 20 kilograms of gold in US dollars?

5.4 million dollars

What is Seventy five million dollars in scientific notation?

It is: 7.5*10^7 dollars

How do you convert dollars per kg to dollars per lb?

1 pound = 0.45359237 kilograms

How do you write 17.40 trillion dollars in scientific notation?

1.74 x 10^13 dollars.

How much is a trillion dollars times a trillion?

It is: 1.0*10^24 dollars in scientific notation