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0.03 as a fraction = 3/100

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Q: The decimal is 0.03 what fraction with a denominator of 100 be?
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How much is 003 as a fraction?

It depends on where the decimal point is. .003 is 3/1000. 0.03 is 3/100.

What is the fraction with a denominator of 100 for the decimal of 0.03?


How do you get a fraction to percent?

you can either use a calculator or do it the old fashion way. First you change the fraction to a decimal (ex. 1/6 = 0.66) Next you take the decimal and move it to the right 2 places (ex. 0.66 = 66.0) the number you have now is your percent. 1/6 = 66.0% Some times your percent can have a decimal like 44.5% you can either leave it the same or round 44.5% can be rounded up to 45% To change back to a decimal you add the decimal point to the far right of the number or if you already have a decimal point in you must move it 2 spaces to the left if you have no numbers in front of the decimal add a 0

What a definition for fraction to percent?

To convert a fraction to a decimal, divide the denominator into the numerator. To convert a decimal to a percent, multiply it by 100. 3/4 = 3 divided by 4 = 0.75 = 75%

What is a decimal fraction where the denominator is 100?

A decimal fraction is exactly what it says. A fraction where the denominator (the bottom number) of the fraction is a multiple of 10, in this case 100. This particular fraction with a denominator of 100 has the additional advantage of being the fractions that can be easily converted to percentages, because percent means parts per 100.1/100 = 1%50/100 = 1/2 = 50% and so on.

When you divide the numerator by the denominator what do you get?

You will then get a decimal, and then if you multiply the decimal 100 times you will get you the percentage of the fraction you started with.

How can a fraction be turned to a percent?

If you divide the numerator by the denominator you will get a decimal, and multiply that decimal by 100 to get the percentage

How is a decimal different from a fraction and a percent?

A decimal is a fraction: it is a fraction in decimal form. A percentage is simply the numerator of a rational fraction whose denominator has been re-scaled to 100.

How do you convert decimal percent to a fraction?

Divide the percentage by 100. Then simplify.Divide the percentage by 100. Then simplify.Divide the percentage by 100. Then simplify.Divide the percentage by 100. Then simplify.

How do you make fraction into percentage?

take the 0. off and put it over 100 for istance 0.75 = 75/100 and if you can cancel it down. 75/100=3/4 That's how you convert a decimal to a fraction, not the same thing. (And there might not be a 0). Simply remove the % sign (which is a shorthand for /100) and divide by 100. So 75% is 75/100, 125% is 125/100

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