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sub>substitute or under zero-lowest number in basic math

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โˆ™ 2010-03-22 15:11:30
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Q: The definition for sub and zero?
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The definition of sub-zero?

Sub-zero means less than zero. Usually referring to temperature.

What is the the best definition for this combination of word parts sub and zero?


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Who would win in a fight sub-zero or scorpion?


How many sub zero cards are there?

1 sub zero card

What is the code for sub zero stig?

Cdvgsn4j is the Coad for sub zero stig

Would sub zero or scorpion win in a fight?

SCORPION scorpion has already killed sub-zero in the older mortal kombat , then scorpion found out it was the older sub-zero then he sweard to guard the younger sub-zero

Who would win in a fight Scorpion or Sub-Zero?

sub zero would win

Who would win in a fight sub zero vs scorpion?

the winner is sub zero.

What is the definition of the prefix 'sub'?

The definition of the prefix sub is: Under or less than.

Will you swap me Torres hundred club for sub zero stig?

no, stig is sub zero and terry hasn't got a cool, uncool, sub zero, rating

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The Sub-Zero 736 has 2 compressors.

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Supposedly Sub Zero killed his whole family and clan

How does the sub-zero look like?

Sub-Zero looks like this:. Happy? :) :) :) :) :) (: (: (: (: (: (:

What is the sub zero code?

it is on the cool wall it goes cool then sub zero which is very cool

Who would win scorpion or sub-zero?

i think scorpion would win but it makes sense that sub-zero fans would say sub-zero so technicelly i cant answer that.

Sub zero vs scorpion?

i like sub zero better but i would say scorpion wins it all depends if you follow the actual storyine Quan Chi tricks Scorpion into killing Sub Zero. But Sub Zero's younger brother takes the orignal Sub Zero's place. Scorpion leanrs he has been duped and vows to protect the New Sub Zero, and to destroy Quan Chi. Sub Zero later Gains the dragon amulet from Onaga, making him more powerful, much more powerful. So the new Sub Zero with the aide of his amulet would win Against Scorpion.

What are sub-zero fatalities in Mortal Kombat shaolin monks?

always stay active with sub zero

What is the answer to the Point at which everything is equal to zero?

Sub Zero?

Who is sub zero?

Sub zero is a mortal kombat character in many series and has an elder brother the older sub zero aka Noob saibot. And arch rival with Scorpion. With rivalry clans. By shadikal12345

Is scorpion on mortal combat brothers with sub zero?

No, but Sub Zero does have a brother. I believe his brother is Noob Smoke.

What is the suitable prefix for the word zero and less than zero?

non zero

How do you unlock noob saibot in Mortal Kombat shaolin monks?

its easy, all you do is: have a versus mode with sub-zero vs. sub-zero. player 1 will be sub-zero and player 2 will be noob saibot.

What is sub zero temperature means?

that the temperatures are below zero

Can ice be as hard as steel in sub zero levels?

Yes, there are times that ice can be as hard as steel in sub zero levels.