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The width is 200 feet.

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Q: The distance around a rectangulas field is 2000 feet. The length is 800 feet. What is the width?
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Length of track around a football field?

The length of a track around a football field is exactly 400 meters.

Is Perimeter a distance around an object?

The perimeter is the border or outer boundary around a two dimensional figure and is the length of such a boundary - a field for example, a perimeter fence

What is 43000 acres in feet and inches?

"Acre" is area, and "feet" and "inches" are both length. You can't convert area to length.1 acre = 43,560 square feet43,000 acres = 1,873,080,000 square feet.If you're trying to ask how far it is around 43,000 acres of area, there's no definiteanswer to that either, because it depends on the shape of the field.-- If it's a circular field, then the distance around it is 29.057 miles.-- If it's a square field, then the distance around it is 32.787 miles.-- If it's a rectangular field, then the distance around it can be anything more than 32.787 miles.

The depth of field in a photograph is controlled by the?

Aperture, focal length and distance to the subject.

Which measurement could describe each length or distance football field?


What is the distance around a soccer field?

300 m

What is the distance around an Australian football field?


What is a perimeter of a farmers field?

The perimeter is always the distance around the outside edge (of the field). However this will vary according to the size of the field; it is not a standardised distance.

What are 3 things that govern depth of field?

Aperture Lens focal length Subject distance (the distance from the camera to the object that has been focused on)

What is the length between home plate and the backstop for a little league field?

25 feet is the recommended distance.

How do you find the perimeter of a baseball field?

It is the distance added together around it.

Where does a magetic field occur in the relation to an electric wire?

it's around the entire length of the wire... AROUND.

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