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recited their epic poems in a strong rhythm.

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Q: The epic poets of Greece probably?
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Was epic poetry in Greece originally written or spoken?

Epic poetry in Greece was originally spoken rather than written. Poets would recite these lengthy narratives from memory during public performances or gatherings. It was a form of oral tradition that was eventually written down.

Sentence using epic?

I have read a book name epic and it explains of a wonderful poets about heros.

What has the author Jumatuerdi Adili written?

Jumatuerdi Adili has written: '\\' -- subject(s): Epic poetry, Kyrgyz, History and criticism, Kyrgyz Epic poetry, Kyrgyz Poets, Manas, Poets, Kyrgyz

What is the importance of epic poem in ancient Greece?

i agree

Plato wanted to banish poets from ancient Greece because he thought they would?

Plato wanted to banish poets from Greece because he believed that poets had no intellectual utility, rather they played with the audeince's lower part of the mind which dealt with emotions. Plato believed that emotions had a negative effect on the men of Greece. This is a very elementary answer. Plato's 'Republic' has a chapter dedicated to this question.

What poets lived in The Golden Age?

There is more than one golden age. Which are you asking about Ovid and Hesiod were poets in the Golden Age of ancient Greece.

What is the name of one person who wrote an epic?

Homer from Ancient Greece is said to have written the epic poems The Iliad and The Odyssey.

Who were the poets in Ancient Greece?

Homer, Hesiod, Sappho, Pindar among many others.

Who was Hubris in Greece?

Hubris was an offense in greek epic,law and tragedy.

What does epic mean in Greece?

a story that involved a hero

What did some of the epic poets of Greece do?

The epic poets were strolling bards, who moved from city to city giving sung performances - much sought after in a pre-TV world. They each made up their own versions of past events, and even varied their own versions to stop it becoming stale. About 725 BCE after alphabetic writing was introduced to the Greek world, the oral stories were committed to writing and one version which survived was the Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, though there have been many versions of them over the centuries.

What was calliope the muse of?

Calliope was the muse of epic poetry in Greek mythology. She was also considered the muse of eloquence and often invoked by writers and poets for inspiration in creating grand works.