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Q: The expression an established fact refers to what?
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The expression due process of law refers to the?

The expression due process of the law refers to the protection given to citizens against unfair actions by the government.

What is the el?

The expression "the el" refers to an elevated railway.

What are bases in math?

It refers to the number b, in an expression

What is an expression that contains sums or products of variables and numbers?

It is, in fact, called an expression. To be more precise, an algebraic expression.

What is term of expression?

A term of expression in mathematics refers to combination of symbols which are finite. They are the components that make up a formula.

What does 'mode of expression' mean?

Mode of expression as it refers to the character emotion of the sentence interrogative- question..."What time is it?" Declarative- answer..."It's Four O'clock." Imperative- "Hurry up then!" Mode of expression as it refers to the nature of the expressor would be whimsical, cinical, crass, etc.

What do you do when you get off with someone?

This expression usually refers to having sexual intercourse with them.

What is the freedom of expression?

The freedom of expression is when people could publicly criticize the established political system without fear of being arrested. -------------or------------- freedom of expression is limited by what Censorship--APEX APEXVS.COM

Is 7x an algebraic expression?

If x is a variable, then yes. If x refers to multiplication, then no.

Differential gene expression?

Differential gene expression refers to the gene expression that reacts to stimuli or triggers. It is a means of gene regulation where certain hormones produce an effect on protein biosynthesis.

What are the example of universally established?

A fact is something that is confirmed to have actually occurred or something that is confirmed to be the case. For example, it is a universally established fact that Paris is the capital of France.

What does 'I am certainly with you on that' mean?

The expression "I am certainly with you on that" is a longer way to say "I agree with you." That in the expression refers to whatever the conversation is about. And the expression can only be understood in context.Examples:Speaker 1: I think basketball is boring.Speaker 2: I am certainly with you on that!