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Q: The marked end of a compas needle always points directly to?
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How do you use a compas on minecraft?

To craft a compass in Minecraft, use the following recipe in a crafting table. R = Redstone I = Iron Ingots I I R I I The needle will then point to your spawn point when in your hot bar. When you are in The Nether, the needle spins in random directions.

How can you tell which is the North Pole on a magnet if it is not marked?

A magnet's north pole will attract the south pole of a compass needle (i.e. the end of the needle that points to Magnetic South).

The marked end of a compass needle always points directly to?

Magnetic north (which is a little different from north. as defined as the meeting point of all lines drawn perpendicular to the equator and passing through the northern hemisphere)

What is the purpose for a needle on a compass?

to point the right direction ***correction by cw - the needle always points north.

What is fine-needle aspiration?

A procedure called fine-needle aspiration allows the clinician to extract cells directly from the lump for further evaluation.

What lines of latitude and longitude will you find the space needle?

On both of my best mapping resources, the Space Needle, in Seattle WA, is marked at 47.62039° north latitude 122.34927° west longitude.

If the needle on the temperature gauge on car is at halfway is that too hot?

No. Too hot is when the needle gets about 3/4 over on typical guages, sometimes it's marked in red, sometimes not. Either way, there should be a marked line around the 3/4 position on the guage, past that is not good.

The needle on a compass is always pointing to what pole?

The north pole.

What pole does the needle on a compass always point to?

the north pole

Who discovered why a compass needle always pointed north?

The Chinese.

Does the needle in a compass always point south?

One side of the needle points north. This is the one that is usually considered, so you would say that the "needle points north", but of course, the other side points south. The part that points north is usually specially marked. The magnetic compass reacts to Earth's magnetic field, which doesn't exactly coincide with Earth's rotation, so there may be some deviation, that is, it may not point exactly north.

What do they use for industrial piercings and how do they do it?

For industrial piercings, a needle, usually 16 gauge, is used. The ear is marked so the piercer knows where to put the needle, and the needle goes through both pieces of cartilage. Then, the bar is inserted through the needle, the needle is removed, and the other end is screwed onto the ball. This video shows how its done.