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you multiply 22 by 77

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Q: The mean score out of a set of 22 tests is 77 what is the the sum of all the test scores?
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How do you read tabe test scores -?

Tabe tests scores are read just like other test scores. It is not hard at all. I do hope you get a good score though because they are harder to pass than other tests.

What should the independent variable be?

The answer depends on what the experiment is about. For example, if you believe (or want to test) that pupils' scores in English tests depend on their scores in maths tests, then the independent variable is the maths score. But if you believe that the English scores influence their maths scores then the independent variable is the maths score.

Where can I find more information on average score?

This depends on what kind of average score you are asking for. To find the average score on a test, you will need to take the scores from all the tests and divide them by the total number of tests.

What must Alice score on her fourth test to keep her mean score at 90 or higher?

90...depends on what her test scores were before.

The scores Brianna earned on 4 of the 5 science tests she has taken so far this year are listed 95 90 85 95 She wants the mean of all 5 of her test scores to be 90 What does Brianna need to score?

Brianna would need to score 85

If a test score of 83 was transformed into a standard score of -1.5 and the standard deviation of the scores was 4 what is the mean?


What score must she earn on the fourth test if a student wants an average or arithmetic mean of exactly 87 and she earned scores of 87 then 81 and 88 on the first 3 of 4 tests?


What are the SAT score requirements for Mercer University?

Achieve a minimum score on the SAT or ACT test. Multiple tests will be combined using the highest verbal and mathematics scores. However, achieving the minimum score does not guarantee admission to the University. Please contact an Admissions Counselor for more information on required test scores.

What is the highest score you can get on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills?

The highest score on each subject is 99.The highest percentage you can be is 99% better then other people in your grade nationally and locally..Hope this helped

Where can you find gre scores online?

In computer-based tests after giving GRE exam, score reports will be mailed within 10-15 days after the test date. And in text based exam scores will be sent to you and the score recipients you designate within six weeks after your test date.

Stacey's average score on three maths tests is 84 Her last two test scores were 79 and 93 What was her first test score?

Average of three test scores is 84 can be written (x+y+z)/3=84. If you know two of the scores then (79+93+z)/3=84, so to solve for z, 79+93+z=84*3 z=252-79-93 z=80 The first test score was 80

Will a SAT prep test actually help improve my child's score?

SAT prep test can help your child become familiar with questions and practice is always a good avenue for increasing test scores. However, if your child has scored in the higher range on previous tests, prep tests will more than likely not improve his/her score significantly.