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the metric unit of force and weight is a: newton

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Q: The metric unit of force and weight?
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What is a metric unit for weight?

Weight is force. The metric unit of force is the Newton.

What is the metric unit for cushion's weight?

Weight is force. The SI unit of force is the Newton.

Best metric unit for measuring weight?

The newton. (The kilogram is not a unit of weight or force.)

What metric unit can you use to find the weight of a pumpkin?

No metric unit will find the weight of the pumpkin for you. For that, you'll need some kind of a scale. However, once you've found the weight, you'll use a unit of force to describe it. The metric unit of force is the Newton. (NOT the kilogram.)

What is a metric used to measure force or weight?

The SI unit for force and weight (gravitational force) is a Newton (N).

What is the standard metric unit for weigt is?

Weight is a force. The standard metric unit of force is the Newton, defined as one kilogram-meter per second squared.

Is weight a metric or a customary unit?

Weight is a measure of the force exerted on a body by gravity. It can be measured in any recognized unit, either metric or old fashioned.

The metric unit of force and weight is?

Newtons, Kg*m/s2

Is the metric unit that is used to describe weight as a mesure of the force of gravity is called a Newton?

The unit of force in the SI (metric) system is the Newton. It's used to describe any force, no matter where the force came from. "Weight" is a good example of a gravitational force.

What is the basic metric unit of weight?

Weight is the mutual gravitational force between the earth and any object on it.The basic unit of force is the Newton .

What metric unit do you use to weigh a math book?

The metric (SI) unit for weight is the newton, since weight is a force. When people talk about "weight", they sometimes actually mean "mass". The unit for mass is the kilogram.

Metric unit used to measure weight?

Kilogram is the unit of MassNewton is the unit of ForceSince weight is a force, the SI unit of weight is the Newton1 kg is 9.8 Newtons of force being exerted on the earth's surface.