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The number 2 1/3 as a improper fraction would be 15/3. This is a math problem.

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Q: The mixed number 2 1 3 as an improper fraction?
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Related questions

Is 4and 1 2s an mixed number or improper fraction?

It is a mixed number.

What fraction is 87.5?

87.5 can be shown as a mixed number and an improper fraction, both. Mixed number: 87 1/2. Improper fraction: 175/2.

Is 15 7 a mixed number proper fraction or improper fraction?

15/7 is an improper fraction. It can be re-written as the mixed number: (2 and 1/7)

How do change an improper fraction into a fraction?

An improper fraction is a fraction. It can't become a proper fraction.

What is 33 halves as a mixed number and as an improper fraction?

33*1/2 = 33/2 as an improper fraction = 161/2 as a mixed fraction.

What is the inproperfraction as a mixed number of 1 7?

1/7 is a proper fraction. It can't become an improper fraction or a mixed number.

How to subtract a mixed number from a whole number?

You convert the mixed numeral into an improper fraction. Now subtract the improper fraction from the whole number by putting the whole number over 1.

What is the mixed number from the improper fraction 1 over 3?

1/3 is a proper fraction.

How do you change 50 over 45 mixed number to an improper fraction?

50/45 is an improper fraction. 1 and 1/9 is an equivalent mixed number in lowest form.

3 and 1 fourths improper fraction?

No because 3 and 1/4 is a mixed number but as an improper fraction it is 13/4

What is the improper fraction of 13.5?

13 1/2 would be mixed number form, but as an improper fraction it is 27/2.

What fraction do you get from 1.5?

1.5 as an improper fraction is 3/2 and is 1 1/2 as a mixed number.

Is 5 over 5 an improper fraction?

Yes, it is improper. An Improper fraction is a fraction that can be simplified as a mixed/whole number. So 5/5 can be simplified to 1.

1.7 in a fraction?

The mixed number is 1 7/10 and the improper fraction is 17/10.

What is 1.80 as a fraction?

1 4/5 as a mixed number, or 9/5 as an improper fraction.

What is the improper fraction and the mixed number?

An improper fraction, like 22/7, is when the numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator. A mixed number, like 4 and 1/2, combines a whole number with a proper fraction.

What is improper fraction of seven over 6 as a mixed number?

1 1/6

What is the mixed number of the improper fraction seven over six?

1 1/6

How do you write five fourths as an improper fraction to a mixed number?

1 and 1 fourth

What is 45 over 22 as an improper fraction?

45/22 is already an improper fraction. As a mixed number, it is 2 1/22.

What is 1.375 as a improper fraction?

1.375 as a mixed number is 1 375/1000 and as an improper fraction it is 1375/1000.

What is 1.700 as a fraction?

OK, SO 1.700 as a fraction is 1 7/10 or 17/10. depending on if you want a mixed number or an improper fraction. 1 7/10 is a mixed number and 17/10 is an improper fraction. hope this helps!

What is 5 and 1 over 4 as an improper fraction?

No, it's a mixed number.

What is the improper fraction to a mixed number of 5 3?

2 1/3

1.67 as a fraction?

1.67 as a fraction is 1 67/100 as a mixed number or 167/100 as an improper fraction.