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Q: The most appropriate unit to measure the length of an computer cable?
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Related questions

What unit measure is to measure the length of a computer cable?

Not sure what cable exactly you mean, but the meter is quite appropriate to measure cables in general.

How would you measure the length of a computer cable?


How do you measure computer cable?

feet or inch

What would you use to measure a computer cable?

in ft

The Arkview USB-WA62 connects with a USB cable instead of a real video cable?

It connects to your computer by usb.You have to connect it to the monitor with the appropriate cable.

Do you measure a computer cable in or feet meters or yards?


What equipment is needed to connect a computer to a television?

In order to connect a computer to a television, one must have an appropriate cable on hand. Depending on the type of computer, this may be an HDMI cable, a DVI connection, or an S-Video port.

How do you connect two computers using a crossover cable?

Plug each end of the cable into the appropriate RJ-45 jack on each computer.

How can I watch TV on my computer?

If you want to watch cable TV by plugging a TV cable into your computer, you will need a TV Tuner card which will come with the appropriate software. You can also watch cable TV by streaming it from cable channels online, which does not require any software download or special hardware.

How do you connect an MP3 player to a computer?

with an appropriate cable. The MP3 should come with a cable. This cable has one end which fits into the device and the other end is a USB thing which plugs into a USB port in the computer. one you have connected it all up it should be easy from there. :)

Can you connect a plasma tv to a computer?

Yes By getting a USB cord which is a USB on each end of the cord. You will get better performance if BOTH have HDMI connectivity, in which case you probably use use a male to male HDMI cable of the appropriate length.

What is a USB printer cable used for?

A USB printer cable is used to allow a computer to send commands to the printer. The computer must have the appropriate "Driver" software, which will allow it to send the correct commands over the cable. For very small printers, the USB cord is able to provide about five volts of power.

How do you connect bar code reader to computer?

Plug in the cable to an appropriate port. Driver software may also need to be installed.

Where can one purchase a twenty foot computer cable?

One can buy a twenty foot computer cable on line or on the high street. They can be bought from specific computer hardware retailers (for example PC world, or on line cable specialist sites), from electrical retailers like Maplins, or from more general retailers like Amazon or a large supermarket. It is important to know, not only the length of the cable required, but also the type of cable required (for example, a power lead, USB cable, or network cable).

How much does the average computer monitor cable cost?

The price of a computer monitor cable generally depends on the length of the cord. A 3-foot cord costs around $5, while a 150-foot cable costs around $76. The exact average of all cables is $23.78.

Where can you get a USB cable?

Simple do a search on " USB cable" find the correct length you need and order it on line of go to a store that sells computers . to get the correct length, run an extension cord, string or wire from the beginning to the end , then mark it pull it out and then measure it ! bingo you are in business .......

How do you connect the link cable?

You plug the cable into the appropriate port.

What is the max length for RS422 cable?

Max length of RS422 cable is 1200 meters

You can select the cable length in the option box.?

You can select the cable length in the option box.

How to transfer pictures from sony ericsson xperia to computer without a PC cable?

Images can be transfered via electronic transmission, a PC cable or a memory chip. Plugging in the appropriate device and loading and then unloading will facilitate the transfer.

What is a USB cable?

a usb cable is a cable that allows the computer to communicate with the object u are connecting it to. For example there is a computer powered fan which is connected to a computer using an usb cable

How do you go from Wireless to Wired on your computer?

In terms of internet connectivity, if a person wishes to connect to the internet with an actual physical cable rather than a wireless option they must use a cable running from their router or modem and plug it into the appropriate port on his or her own computer. Then they select this as their preferred method of connecting.

Does the resistance of a conductor increase by any measure when the conductor is doubled in length?

whenever the cable lengthened so is the resistance, their proportional to each other

How do you transfer music from an mp3 player to a computer?

Transferring music from an MP3 player to a computer may differ depending on what computer system is being used. You will need a computer, MP3 player, USB cable and the correct software for the MP3 player. Connect the MP3 player to the computer using the appropriate USB cable, and click on the 'Computer' icon to locate the MP3 player in 'Devices and Removable Storage.' Open the folder containing the music, highlight the songs you want on the computer and drag them into the computer's music folder.

What is a cable length?

A cable length is a unit of measurement equal to one tenth of a nautical mile.