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Q: The most reactive family of nonmetals?
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Which group on the periodic table contains the most reactive nonmetals?

The Halogen Family is the most reactive group of nonmetals.

What is the most reactive family of nonmetals and metals?

The most reactive nonmetals are in group 17 (halogens). The most reactive metals are in group 1 (alkali metals).

In which family in the periodic table are the most reactive nonmetalsmily in the periodic table are the most reactive nonmetals?

halogenes/non metals

What are the most reactive groups of nonmetals on the periodic table?

The most reactive group of non metal is group-17. It is called halogen family.

The most reactive nonmetals on the periodic table are?

The most reactive nonmetals are the halogens in group 17 of the periodic table.

Which family of nonmetals is most reactive?

The halides (Group VII): fluorine, chlorine, bromine, & iodine.

Where are the most reactive nonmetals?

The most reactive nonmetals are the Halogens. They are located in the second to last row on the Periodic Table from the right.

Which class of nonmetals is the most reactive?


What group has the most reactive nonmetals?


Are the halogens most reactive nonmetals or the least reactive nonmetals?

The Halogens are the most reactive non-metals. However, their reactivity decreases as you go down the group. Most reactive Fluorine>Chlorine>Bromine>Iodine>Astatine Least reactive. However, Astatine is not fully characterised because it is radio-active, and consequently is not found in open(school) labs.

Are nonmetals least reactive?

Some are but the most reactive are also non-metals.

What type of element is the most reactive of all nonmetals?

Fluroine is the most reactive non-metal.