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7 bits can make 128 distinct codes.

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Q: The number of possible combination in a 7-bit code are?
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Is it possible to get the radio code for a Daewoo car with the VIN number?

It's easy enough to remove the radio, the code is on the back

How do you get the code room in everybody edits?

only the owner will know the code, if he decides to show you the number combination to the code, you can type it in and become an editor / god.

Why Have wrong area code?

Typing error? Old number? Many possible reasons...

What is the cc code for TD Canada trust bank?

The Common Canadian (CC) Code for TD Canada Trust Bank is a combination of the Bank Code/Financial Institution Number and the Branch Transit Number. 004 is the Bank Code for the bank. Check with your banking branch for the transit number.

What is the combination code to marsellus wallace's breifcase in pulp fiction?

The combination of the mysterious suitcase is "666", the "number of the beast.

How do you open a 3 digit combination without knowing the code?

You should try out all of the three-digit combination. There are 10x10x10 = 1,000 possible combination (assuming digits 0-10).

How do you get the code type the code in?

iT IS not possible

How do you open a master lock if combination is lost and don't have a key?

A locksmith will be able to provide the combination from the code number stamped on the back of the lock.

Where in the UK is area code 020 875?

Area code 020 is London. Due to the introduction of number portability, it is no longer possible to reliably pinpoint a neighborhood by the first few digits of the local number.

Where in the UK is area code 0151 290?

Area code 0151 (or +44 151) is Liverpool. Due to number portability, it is no longer possible to narrow a number down to a particular neighbourhood by looking at the first few digits of the local number.

What is a private combination of letters numbers or symbols associated with users account?

An account number, code or password.

Is it possible to call from cell phone to land line?

Absolutely. Just call the area code and the subscribers number.

How many possible phone numbers can there be in a single area code?

Each area code has about 7,800,000 different usable phone numbers. (Although there are technically 10 million seven-digit phone number combination available in each area code, some numbers aren't available, such as 911, 411, and numbers starting with 0 or 1.)

What are the combinations for a six digit code?

There are 1,000,000 ways of writing out a six digit number, if you are starting with 000000 and ending with 999999. You are taking the number of possible numbers in the first position (10) and multiplying it by the number of possible numbers in the second position (again, 10), and continuing on till the sixth position. In other words, 10 to the sixth. With 10 representing the number of possible numbers (0 through 9) and six being the number of digits in number code. If it is an alphanumeric code, then you would take the 26 letters plus the 10 numbers to get 36, and take that to the 6th power. Substantially greater.

How do you send a fax from France to the US?

International dialling code number, Country code number , area code number then the number.

Where in the UK is area code 020 3189?

If that is part of a UK number, then it will be a London number (London's area code is 020). It is not possible to give a more specific location for numbers in the range (020) 3189 xxx.

Is it possible to have a 916 area code out of the US?

Yes, you can have a VoIP number in area code 916 (Sacramento, California, USA) and receive calls anywhere that you have a compatible Internet connection.

How do you find the combination lock number in poptropica wimpy wonderland?

the code for the locker is in the pine tree near the school

Why doesn't my 5 digit anti theft radio code work?

Each radio has its own specifc code, if you did not pull the radio and get the code for the serial number on the exsisting radio it is possible that the original radio may have been replaced before and the code you have is for the original radio. You will have to go to a dealer to get the new number with proof of ownership.

Can you reset a combination lock?

If you don't know the code to the combination lock then your stuffed. Just go through all the possible combinations and unlock it (only if its a 3/4 digit) On the other hand if you do know the code and want to change the lock, hold down the unlock button/lever and change the digits and that should change the code.

What is 6-bit code?

A 6-bit code is a system using six binary bits per character (letter, number, or symbol). That allows for a total of 64 possible characters.

Is it possible to convert the hex code into a source code?


Where is 0207 358 area code?

In the UK, there is no area code 0207. Area code 020 is London. Number portability means that it is no longer reliably possible to narrow down a London number to a particular neighbourhood by the first few digits of the number. In fact, the "inner/outer" distinction formerly in the digit 7 or 8 following the area code, no longer holds firm.

Which country code number is 1999uqxj?

1999uqxj is not a number and is therefore not a country code number.

What is a code number?

A code number is a number that refers to one of a preset list of items.