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There are 54 square feet in six square yards. (square feet divided by 9 = square yards)

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Q: The number of square feet in six square yards?
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Related questions

Number of square feet in six square yards?

6 (square yards) = 54 square feet

How many square yards of carpet are needed to cover a floor 12 feet by 18 feet?

24 square yards 12 feet is four yards and 18 feet is six yards, so four yards by six yards equals twenty four square yards.

How many square feet are in six square yards?


How many yards are in thirty six square feet?


What will a square yard cover in feet to a depth of 6 inches?

Knowing how many square yards in feet will cover when working with depths up to six inches, in important to know, especially in construction. There will be 54 square feet when you have a depth of six inches.

How many feet do six yards equal?

Six yards is 18 feet @three feet per yard.

How many feet go into six yards?

3 feet in 1 yard. 3x6=18 feet in six yards.

How many yards equal six feet?

A yard equals three feet, therefore six feet equal two yards.

How many yards of gravel it takes to cover six hundred square feet?

That depends on how deep you want to spread it. To cover 600 square feet, you need (111/9) cubic yards for every 6 inches of depth.

How many feet are two yards?

Two yards is six feet.

How much feet are in 2 yards?

Six feet in 2 yards.

What does 2 yards equal in feet?

Two yards is six feet.

Is two feet equal to six yards?

No. A yard is three feet, thus six yards would be equal to eighteen feet, not two.

How many yards in twenty six feet?

26 feet is 8.67 yards.

How many feet equal 2 yards?

Six feet = two yards.

Is 6 yards greater than 17 feet?

Yes. Six yards = 18 feet.

How many 2 yards ina feet?

2 yards is six feet.

How many yards are in six feet?

2 yards

How big is six square feet?

Six square feet.

How many feet are in two yards?

Six feet = two yards

Is 5 feet longer than two yards?

No.Two yards is six feet.

Answer of 6 yards equals how many feet?

Six yards equals 18 feet.

Is 7 yards greater than 20 feet?

1 yard = 3 feet. So 7 yards is greater.Yes 7 yards is greater than 20 feet.

604 feet equals how many yards and feet?

Six hundred four feet equals 16.777777777778 yards, or 16 yards two feet and 4.8 inches.

Six feet equal how many yards?

18 = wrong no 6 yards is 18 feet 6 feet is two yards