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Q: The percent of people who gossip?
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Why does gossip affect people?

Gossip is trash and needs to quit. It hurts people.

Can gossip cause death?

Yes, Gossip can kill people because, they could suicide if you tell a lot of people about something that embarrasses them.

How do you stop gossip?

To stop gossiping from happening, don't get in it anyway. Just ignore all of the people in gossip.

Can gossip be a good thing?

It depends on how you define gossip... but I think there may be situations where "gossip" (the kind of gossip that is NOT designed to destroy people or reputations) can have some merit. We are going to talk about one another, and being aware of things is good. Especially if we are up front with the people who are being "gossipped" about.

How do you see the gossip about people on Facebook?

read the comments.

What names can you get on girlsgogames that people don't have?

gossip girl

How do you be friends with the gossip people without gossiping?

Gossip is a waste of energy not to mention hurting other people so be wise and do not get involved in such groups because you may well be part of that gossip. You may well end up with back stabbing friends.

Why do people believe what they hear in the Media?

People just love Gossip and hearsay!

Gossip is influence your decisions?

I don't really know why people gossip. Growing up my mom was always related to people who are mean, because they are jealous. She would say that because ,it's not like I am not really a girl with a lot of friends, I am pretty which I do not get because many girls are gorgeous at this school.I guess people gossip because they do not know how to present themselves to someone on their level. They do it to try to break you down because well, they're jealous. I do not gossip. Many people say i do but most of the time i am just talking about someone well. I can name a lot of people that gossip. three of them are in this class. I hate gossiping but that also made me who I am today because people shaped me into loving myself instead.

What school do the people from Gossip Girl go to?

Constance Billard

How does gossip affect communication?

People who gossip behind others have a decrease in self-esteem. They trust each others less and gossip will ruin you.

What do you mean by grapevine communication?

It means gossip, usually gossip that spreads and covers a lot of ground (a lot of people), much like vines do.