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An equilateral triangle that has a perimeter of 57 feet has three equal sides of 19 feet.

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Q: The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is at most 57 feet. What could be the length of a sides?
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What is Do you think the perimeter is always even. Could there be a way for the perimeter to be odd?

Of course it could be even. Think of an equilateral triangle with sides of odd length.

What is the perimeter of a triangle that has a area of 6.5 cm?

The minimum perimeter is when the triangle is an equilateral triangle. The perimeter of any other triangle with the same area will be longer. In the case of an equilateral triangle area = (√3)/4 × side² → side = √(4×6.5 cm²/√3) → perimeter = 3 × side = 3 × √(4×6.5 cm²/√3) ≈ 11.62 cm → The triangle has a perimeter greater than or equal to approx 11.62 cm.

Could 8 8 and 8 represent the length of the sides of a triangle?

Yes and it would be an equilateral triangle.

The segments shown below could form a triangle?

No, it could not. A triangle cannot have a perimeter of length zero.

What does equilateral mean?

Equilateral means equal length sides.So a triangle or a pentagon could be means ur mamma is on My dck

Could an isosceles triangle have a perimeter of 12cm and area of 12cm2?

No. The maximum are is attained when it is equilateral and that is less than 7 cm2

Could a obtuse triangle ever be an equilateral triangle?


Could an equilateral triangle can be a right triangle?

Not in this Universe.

What is the length of all 3 sides of a triangle?

They could all be the same length, or two of them could be the same, or they could all be different. In any case, when you add them all up, the number you get is called the "perimeter" of the triangle.

How is circumference similar to perimeter?

The circumference indicates the path and length around a circle, while a perimeter could be the edge (edge length) length of any regular or irregular shape, such as a square, rectangle, or triangle.

Could the median of a triangle be the perpendicular bisector?

Yes in equilateral triangle.

How draw equilateral triangle on geoboard?

Well, you could make triangles and measure them with a ruler. Make sure they are ALL THE SAME LENGTH.

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