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The decimal point.

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Q: The period between the whole number and decimal is called what?
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What is the number that contains a period or point?


Who to write decimal number?

To write a decimal you go to the end of the whole number 5 for example and then you put a period (5.) then you add the rest of the decimal like 5.6

What does periods mean in number system?

The period is used as a decimal point in our number system.

What is the period between called?


How do you converte a whole number into a decimal?

You can add a period, and a zero, after the whole number. Or you can just consider the whole numbers themselves a special kind of "decimal number".

What is 8.7 in a decimal?

8.7. A decimal point (the period in math) says that it's a decimal. A decimal is a fraction of the whole, expressed with the period and means tenths. So the number given is eight wholes and 7/10 of a whole.

What is a word for a period separating the ones in the tenths in a number?

the decimal point

How do you write a decimal for money?

You put a period between the dollars and cents.

What is the period between war called?


Homw many decimal are one square feet?

Undetermined. A decimal is the period(.) used in a complex number like 23.87

What does a period mean in math class?

For the United States: The period, or decimal as it's called in math, means the number is less than a whole number. Examples: 3.45 means 3 pizzas and 45% of a pizza. $199.89 means 199 dollars and 89% of a dollar (89 cents). In some European countries, the decimal is used as a comma and the comma as a decimal, but just focus on what it means in your math class.

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It was the mesolithic period.