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Colonel Sherburn from Advetnures of Huckleberry Finn

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Q: The person who says The average man is a coward is?
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In the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn who sais the average man is a coward?

Colonel Sherburn

What arguments does Delius use to change Caesar's mind about going to the Capitol?

He says that he is being a coward that he is not the man Calphurnia decides what he does.

A real man would break up with his girlfreind in person tell you a way a coward might do it?


What do you say if someone calls you a coward or says you wont fight?

Just be the bigger man (or woman) and ignore them. All fighting proves is that you are an uncivilized brute.

How do you change the sentence''The coward fled from the battlefield'' in abstract noun?

The sentence already contains an abstract noun, the noun coward, a word for a concept.For example, a person, a man, or a soldier seen running from a battlefield are all concrete nouns, words for something that can be seen. A person running from a battlefield could be running with a message, running for a medic, running to find more ammunition. That the person is running because he is fearful, a coward is a judgement or is something that is known or understood about the person and their actions.

If a real man broke up with his girlfriend in person tell you a way a coward would do it?

Well, a coward would do it through e-mail, texting, or have someone else do it for them. Break-ups in person are preferable but if impossible, a phone call would be the next best form.

Who wrote the qoute It takes a strong man to fight but a stronger man to not fight?

A coward.

What is common man approach?

The common man is an average person, most likely someone who has a job and a salary with an average income, but if you are talking about the 1800s an average man might have been a property owning white person.

A real man would break up with his girlfriend in person tell you a way a coward might do it?

(1.) Phone (2.) E-Mail (3.) Letter (4.) Avoid Her

In mega-man 3 white where is bubble-man?

Beach 1. You've got to make your health to the red status before he comes out to atk you.. His location is random. Like the navi there says... he's a coward... he is pretty tough due to your lack of health..

A real man would break up with his girlfriend in person but how would a coward break up?

A coward would just stop seeing the girl; not contacting her; ignoring her if he sees her. A real man would be honest and face his girlfriend and break up. It's not easy to do, but a man should be a man and not take the path of coward or he will do so throughout many other areas of his life.

What does Jay Leno say more than an average man?

He says more jokes?