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There are about 10.76 square feet in every square meter. So if you have a price listed in square meters to convert it to fee you need to multiply the price by 10.76.

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Q: The price of a square meter converted to price of square foot?
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What is a sq meter converted into feet?

There are no feet in a square meter. "Square meter" is an area,whereas "foot" is a length or distance.1 square meter = 10.764 squarefeet

What is 397 square meter converted into square foot?

397 sq metres = 4273.3 sq ft (approx).

What is 1 sq feet converted into square meters?

1 square foot is 0.09290304 square meters. 1 square meter is 10.76391 square feet.

What is a meter converted to a foot?

1 Meter = 3.28 ft 1 foot = 0.3048 m

How many foot in square meter?

Feet and square meters are incompatible units - a foot or a meter is a unit of length, a square foot or a square meter are units of area. You can't convert them.

Is square feet bigger than square meter?

A meter is several times as long as a foot. Thus a square meter is several time as large as a square foot.

How many square foot are in a square meter?

1 square meter = 10.7639 square feet.

What is the ratio of a meter to a square foot?

1 square meter is 10.76391 square feet.

How calculate square feet?

1 foot-0.3048 meter 1 square foot 0.3048*0.3048square meter

How to Convert cubic meter into square foot?

'Cubic meter' is a unit of volume or capacity, as of a bottle or a balloon. 'Square foot' is a unit of area or coverage, as of a rug or a plot of land. They are used to measure different quantities. Neither one can be converted into the other.

How much square foot in 1 square meter?

One square meter = about 10.764 square feet.

How many square foot is in one square meter?

1 square meter = 10.7639 square feet.

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