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In the formula for calculating interest the principal is multiplied by the rate and then multiplied by the?


How long do you check your pulse rate?

A pulse rate can be checked for 6 seconds( the number counted is then multiplied by 10), it can be checked for 10 seconds ( the resulting number is multiplied by 6), or it can be checked for 15 seconds ( and the resulting number is then multiplied by 4).

What is the formulas that relates distancetime and rate?

Distance equals Rate multiplied by Time D = RT

If a simple interest of 4.5 percent was paid at the end of the year then find the balance at the end of the year?

The formula for simple interest is Interest = Principal x Rate x Time ÷ 100 As the rate is an annual rate and the period is 1 year then Interest = Principal x 4.5/100. The balance at the year end = Principal + Interest = Principal x 104.5/100.

What is the shape of DDR3?

Double Data Rate multiplied by three

How do you solve interest rate math problems?

First you figure out the Principal, then you find the interest rate and then find the Time someone gave you to pay back loaned or borrowed money.Formula: Simple Interest= Principal*Rate*TimeExample: Principal-$25,000 Interest Rate- 6.25 simple interest- 6 years$25,000 x .0625 x 6= $9375!

What the principal if the interest is 30 and the rate is 4 percent and the time is 2 years?

Principal = 30/[1.042 - 1] = 367.65

Write a program to calculate simple interest?

public double calculateSimpleInterest(double principal, int years, double rate){ double interest = 0; interest = (principal * years * rate)/100; return interest; } The above method will take the principal, rate of interest and no. of years and calculates the simple interest and returns the value.

What is tools of monetary policy?

The principal tool is the discount rate (the rate the Federal Reserve System charges banks).

What is the formula of distance as a function of time?

Since distance is rate multiplied by the amount of time at such a rate, this can be modeled D=rt

What is the principal balance if the principal plus interest at the end of 1 and a half years is 3360 at an annual interest rate of 8 percent?


The principal advantages of asexual reproduction are?

the answer is rapid rate, large variation....your welcomeuh.

The principal hormone that increases the metabolic rate in body cells is?

thyroid hormone

What is the principal means of comparing credit cards?

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

What are interest rate swaps?

In interest rate swaps, each party agrees to pay either a fixed or a floating rate in a particular currency to the other party. The fixed or floating rate is multiplied with the Notional Principal Amount (NPA). This notional amount is not exchanged between the parties involved in the swap. This NPA is used only to calculate the interest flow between the two parties. The most common interest rate swap is where one party 'A' pays a fixed rate to the other party 'B' while receiving a floating rate which is pegged to a reference rate like LIBOR.

How The Interest Rate On Business Loan Is Calculated?

Interest rate on business loanis calculated on a decreasing balance technique: the principal gets decreased following every repayment term and the interest is calculated on the outstanding principal at the end of the term.

How do you find simple interest?

to use each term properly, the following equations will help you:I-interest =P-principalx R-rateP-principal=I-interestx R-rateR-rate=I-interest XP-principalGoing back to the audience query about the interest of a Php 15,000.00 loan. payable within 12 months at 2% interest monthly, it can be coputedas follows :table:Principal: Php 15,000.00Rate: 2% monthly2% x 12 months = 24%Interest: ? n/aenjoy my answers! did you like it?

Relationship between speed distance and time?

Distance equals rate multiplied by time

What is the percentage of 20000000 in 30000000?

rate = (20000000 divided by 30000000) multiplied by 100% = 66.67%

What is a yearly payment of simple interest?

It is the capital multiplied by the interest rate (in %) divided by 100.

How do you calculate utilization rate?

It is also known as operating rate. Formula is actual input minus potential output over potential output, multiplied by 100 utilization rate.

Principal amount and interest rate formula?

I = P X R X T

What is the simple interest per year on a principal of 500 at a rate of 7 percent?


What equation represents how the interest on a loan is calculated?

Principal x rate x time

What is a simple interset?

Simple interset is the amount obtained by multiplying the principal by the rate, by the time.