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No, if a negative integer is multiplied by a positive integer, the product is negative. However, if both of the integers are either positive or negative, the product is positive.

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Q: The product of any two integers is a positive integer?
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Related questions

Is the product of an integer is an integer?

The product of any two or more integers is an integer.

Can integers be positive?

Yes, integers can be positive! An integer is basically any whole number, positive ir negative!

When two different prime numbers are multiplied can the product be a negative integer?

Since prime numbers are defined as positive integers, any product of prime numbers will be positive.

What least positive integer?

The least positive integer is 1. Any integers less than 1 aren't positive.

Is there a least positive integer explain?

The least positive integer is 1. Any integers less than 1 aren't positive.

Is the product of any two integers an integer?

Yes, the product of 2 integers are always an integers. ex. -2*3=-6

Why is 1 the least common integer?

1 is the least common factor of any set of positive integers because 1 is a factor of all nonzero integers and 1 is the smallest positive integer.

What is the product of any two even integers?

Another even integer.

Find 3 integers whose product is neg?

That's any two positive integers and one negative integer. Ex.: 1 x -1 x 2 = -2

What positive integer less than -6?

There are no positive integers less than any negative ones.

What dose integers mean?

An integer is any positive or negative whole number

What is a positive integers?

a positive integer is any positive whole number: 1, 2, 4 ,8 , 23 etc

What is the largest positive integer?

The set of positive integers is {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...}. Because the values approach positive infinity there is no largest positive integer. If you pick any positive integer, you can always create a larger one by simply adding 1 to it. So there can be no largest positive integer.

Do integers have to have an opposite or just be a positive or negative number?

An integer is just a whole number, excluding zero. Any positive integer will always have an opposite just by placing a negative sign in front of the positive integer. You can also say that any negative whole number is an integer.

What is non positive integer?

A non-positive integer is a negative integer. The term refers to any integer (a number that has no decimal part) that is less than zero.It means that it is an integer (whole number), and that it isn't positive. In other words, that includes zero, and negative integers.

What is the product of the prime factors of 40?

The product of the prime factors of any positive integer is equal to the integer itself.

Can the product of any two integers be an integer?

Yes it can. Because an integer is any number without a decimal or fraction in it. Yes,

What is any of the non negative integers?

Any number that is a whole number and is positive is a non negative integer.

Is the product of 3 integers positive or negative?

It may be either. If any of the integers is zero, the product will be zero. Else, if one or three of the integers is negative, the product will be negative. Otherwise, it will be positive.

What is the LCM of 1.70997595?

You need at least two numbers to find an LCM and they both have to be integers, but the LCM of 1 and any positive integer is that integer.

Why is all whole number integers?

integers are any number in the world...nedative or positive. Ex: -10002029385638746530 is an integer but so is +1

How can you tell the sign of a product of more than two integers?

If there is any zero in the set of integers, their product is zero.If there is an odd number of negative integers, then the product is negative, whereas if there is an even number of negative values, the product is positive.

Is there a greatest positive integer?

No. The positive integers are {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...}. They start at 1 (which is the least positive integer) and progress forever (to infinity). There is no end to the positive integers, so there is no greatest positive integer. Another way to look at it might be to think of any really large integer (a "counting" or "whole" number) and add one. That will create a "next bigger" large number. You can continue to do this infinitely many times.

Is -5 an integer?

yes integers include positive and negative numbers.

Is the sum of two integers positive negative or zero?

The sum of two positive integers is positive. The sum of two negative integers is negative. The sum of one positive integer and one negative integer has the same sign as the addend with the greater absolute value. If the absolute values of the two addends are equal, the sum is zero.