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The other number is -3 (minus 3). 4 x -3 = -12.

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Q: The product of two numbers is -12 One of the numbers is 4 What is the other number?
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When is the product of two numbers a prime number?

When one of the numbers is prime and the other is 1.

What is the other number if the product of two numbers is 54672 and one of the numbers is 536 what is the answer?


How do you find the other number when the one number is given with the LCM and the GCF?

The product of the original numbers is equal to the product of the GCF and LCM. Divide the product of the LCM and GCF by the one number. The answer will be the other.

When are two numbers factors of a product number?

When one of them divides evenly into the product with no remainder and the result is the other number.

The product of two numbers is 19500 if one of the number is 236find the other?


What is the product of two numbers 72 one number is 4 what is the other?

The product of 18 and 4 is 72

When the product of two numbers is equal to one of the factors. what do you know about the other factor?

It is the number one.

Babs is thinking of two numbers one number is 7 more than the other number the product of the numbers os 60 what are the numbers?

The numbers are 5 and 12

Why are the multiples of any number other than one not prime numbers?

The multiples of any number cannot be prime numbers because such numbers are the product of at least two numbers. Prime numbers, but definition, cannot be cannot be the product of any numbers except itself and one.

What is the product of 10 to the 1st power?

"Product" means the result of multiplying two numbers, and you've listed only one number. The product of 101 and any other number is ten times the other number.

When is the product of the 2 numbers a prime number?

When any number is multiplied by one it is equal to itself. A prime number can only be the product of 1 multiplied by itself, and of no other numbers. Example: 1x3=3 1x5=5

The product of two rational numbers is -13by9 if one number is -26by7 find the ther number.?

The other is 7/18.