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A quotient is the number obtained when one number is divide by another. 11 decreased by 10 is 1. The only number that can be paired with -9 to obtain a quotient of 1 is -9.

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Q: The quotient of a number and -9 increased by 10 is 11?
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What The quotient of a number and two is increased by seven. The result is eleven. What is the number?

n/2 + 7 = 11 n = 8

What is the quotient of 11 and a number?


11 is increased by 10 percent?

11 increased by 10% becomes 12.1 10% of 11 = 1.1 so 11 + 1.1 = 12.1

11 decreased by the quotient of nine and a number?


What number when divided by 13 has a quotient of 11 and the remainder of 11?


What is the quotient of a number and 5 equal 11?

It is: 55/5 = 11

How do you know if something is divisible by 11?

Divide it by 11. If the quotient is a whole number, the original number is divisible by 11.

What is the number not including the remainder that result from dividing?

In a division:the DIVIDEND is the number being divided intothe DIVISOR is the number doing the divisionthe QUOTIENT is the in 10 ÷ 2 = 5 the dividend is 10, the divisor is 2 and the quotient is 5.Quotient can also used to refer to the whole number part of a result, eg in 11 ÷ 2 = 5 r 1, the 5 is often called the quotient and the remainder is 1.

What is the quotient of a number and eleven?

'y' divided '11' = x

What is the quotient of 132 and 11?

Either 12, if 132/11, or .08333..., if 11/132

What is a answer for the quotient of a number and 11 is 0.5?

N/11=.5 n= 11(.5) n= 5.5

A number increased by 10 percent and then reduced by 10 percent?

If you increase it by 10% and then reduce it by 10% you don't get the original number. Example 100 + 10% = 110. However if you now take 10% of 110 away that is 11. And 110 minus 11 = 99.

Find the quotient of 2.632 104 and 2 10-7?

2.632*10^4 / 2*10^-7 = 1.816*10^11

What is a easy way to tell which numbers are multiples of 11?

Divide a number by 11. If the quotient is a whole number, it's a multiple.

What is the expression for the quotient of 11 and s?

The quotient would be 11/s

What is the quotient and the remainder of 11 305?

11 / 305: quotient = 0, remainder = 11

When the greatest four digit number is divided by the greatest two digit number what is the quotient?


What is the quotient when binary number 1100 is divided by binary number 11?


A number increased by 11 is 45?


A certain number decreased by 4 is equal to 8 increased by the quotient of the same number and 5 and 7 or 11 are not the answer What is the number?

So let's call the number we are looking for x. x-4 is the number decreased by 4 quotient of the number and 5 is x/5 so x-4=8+ x/5 we have 5x-20=40+x and 4x=60 so x=15 Let's try it? 15-4=11 8+15/5=11

What is the quotient of 11 divided by 12?


How do you write 11 less than the quotient of a number b and 12 is -5?


How Use rounding and estimation to predict the approximate quotient of 285 and divide 11.?


The quotient of what integer and -11 is 11?


What number increased 11 how you get you answer 36?

It is: 36-11 = 25 and so 25+11 = 36

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