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Q: The ratio of output to input power in percent is called?
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The ratio of output power to input power in percent is called?


The ratio of output power to input power in percent is called what?


The ratio output power to input power in percent is called?

B. Efficiency

The ratio of output power to input power in percent is called a conductivity b efficiency c work d horsepower?

B.) efficiency

How do you find the input power in the electric efficiency formula if you have the output power and the efficiency percent?

Output equals efficiency times input; in formula, Ot = Ef x In and so In = Ot/Ef. To calculate the original input, divide the output by the efficiency.

What is a a comparison of a machines work output with the works input that is mechanical?

Output power divided by input power, for a machine, is called the machine's efficiency. It need not be mechanical energy.

The ratio of output power to input power is called?


Another way of saying that the output is 70 percent of the signal input at cutoff frequency is that the output is up or down dB at frequency cutoff?

If the output power is 70% of the input power, then the output is roughly 1.55 dB downcompared to the input.If the voltage at any point of the output waveform is 70% of the voltage at the same pointon the input waveform, and the input and output impedance are equal, then the output is3.1 dB down (rounded) compared to the input.

Is a power suppply a input or output device?


How is energy efficiency determined?

You divide useful output energy by the input energy. Or equivalently, useful output power by input power.

How do you find power input with given power factor and power output?

Output Power divided by Power Factor.

Is power supply an input or output device?

Output - because it is outputting power to the rest of the device

Why is output dc higher than input ac?

Output power can never be more than input power. With a transformer, it is possible to increase the output current (while decreasing the output voltage), or to decrease the output current (while increasing the output voltage).

In a practical machine the power output is what to the power input?

The power output is always inefficient and usually less than the input because energy is lost by heat and movement etc

In a practical machine the power output is the power input?

No. Some power is used up actually to make the machine work. The ratio of powers output/input is call the efficiency.

What is the efficiency of machines?

It is the ratio of output power given by the machine to input power supplied to the machine. i.e. Efficiency = output power of the machine / input power suplied to machine.

Is ups input or output device?

UPS is Uninterruptable Power Supply. It is neither input not output. It supplies electrical power to a computer when the main electrical supply is interrupted. It does not handle data in any way.

What does the power relatio0nship state on a transformer?

power in, and power out--input and output.

What is the required input and output voltages for a personal computer to power on?

input 220v ac & output 24v dc

What is the formula to efficiency?

Efficiency = (output power/input power) x 100%

Explain how friction reduces the efficieny of machines?

Friction produces heat which absorbs part of the power input to the machine. The efficiency is defined as the power output divided by the power input, so if some of the input power is converted to heat instead of into output power, it must reduce the efficiency.

What is power output?

Efficiency is the ratio of Output Power to Input Power and is uaually expressed as a percentage. n (eta) is the symbol for efficiency.Input Power = Output Power + Losses

What is efficiency and how is it calculated?

The efficiency is output divided by input.

What is the measure of how much work put into a machine is changed to useful work put out by the machine?

Efficiency measures the difference between input and output.

What is input gear and output gear?

Input gears are usually small and attached to a rotating shaft. The input gear is connected to an output gears via a belt, band, cable, drive chain, or directly with the output gear. The output gear transmits and magnifies the rotational power received for the input gear.