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8.125 inches

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Q: The ratio of the dimensions of a rectangle is 5 to 4 the shorter dimension is 6.5 inches. what is the longer dimension?
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What is the dimension for a rectangle tablecloth that is 18 inches by 12 inches?

Errrrh, the dimensions would be 18 inches by 12 inches!

What is the dimensions of a rectangle with a perimeter of 34 inches and an area of 42 inches squared?

The dimensions of the rectangle are 3 inches by 14 inches

What are the dimensions of a rectangle whose diagonal is 25 inches and has an area of 300 square inches?

15 and 20 inches because these dimensions comply with Pythagoras' theorem and the area of the rectangle.

Dimensions of a rectangle is 72 inches by 24 inches - how many square feet are in the rectangle?

12 square feet.

Give the dimensions of Tesla?

109 inches by 63 inches by 7.8 inches is the real dimension of Tesla.

How long is the diagonal of a rectangle with dimensions 16 inches by 21 inches?

26.4 inches for the diagonal.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with an area of 45 square inches and one dimension is 5 inches?


How much square ins is a rectangle?

Without the dimensions, we won't be able to tell. The area of a rectangle is the length times the width. If those dimensions are in inches, the area will be in square inches.

What is the dimension of 288 square inches?

The dimensions for 288 sq inches is [L2], that is the square of lengths.

How wide is the rectangle the area of the rectangle is 42 the rectangle is 7 inches how wide is the rectangle?

The area of Josephโ€™s rectangular homework desk is 1,008 square inches. If the length of his desk is 42 inches, how wide is his desk?

The base of a rectangle is 4 more than the height the area of the rectangle is 15 square inches what are the dimensions of the rectangle?

4,3Improved Answer:-The dimensions work out as: 2.358898944 and 6.358898944 inches using the quadratic equation formula

How long is the diagonal of a rectangle with dimensions 96in by 125in?

157.6102789 inches

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